No two people really have the same reasons for approaching dating the way they do. However, independent types who know what they want out of life and are unwilling to settle for anything less can have a tougher time than most finding a system that works for them. This is especially the case for traditional vanilla daters who are also women.

Unspoken expectations, emotional immaturity, dishonesty, and drama can make it hard for intelligent, independent women to find partners who are truly worthy of them. However, many of them find what they’ve been looking for all along – balanced, healthy, mutually fulfilling relationships – when they discover the sugar bowl.

That’s because the world of sugar dating is uniquely suited to independent women who want the best out of life and expect to get it. Here are just a few of the most important reasons why.

1.      You don’t have to sacrifice your alone time

For many women, independence is about more than simply being able to make decisions and come and go as one pleases. It’s also about preserving their “me” time, making self-care a top priority, and having their space to themselves as often and thoroughly as they’d like. They don’t see solitude as a burden, but rather something precious to be treasured and preserved – an important part of every life well lived.

Life is as a sugar baby is actually uniquely suitable for independent women, as sugar daddies are very much people who have their own lives outside of their relationships. A sugar daddy isn’t going to cling to his sugar baby or insist on knowing every thought that passes through her head. He’s also going to be someone who values his space and personal time, so he won’t begrudge his partner hers.

2.      You get a partner who supports you for a change

If you’re an independent woman, then you’ve likely attracted more than your share of shiftless, immature, chronically underemployed men in your life. These types of men gravitate toward independent partners with their lives together like moths to flames, figuring these women will make wonderful substitutes for their mothers. As a result, you wind up feeling more like you have a son than a partner.

This type of thing simply doesn’t happen in the sugar bowl, especially to sugar babies. Sugar relationships are mutually beneficial connections between two valuable, mature individuals who believe in taking care of each other. You could finally have a partner who will love, support, honor, and spoil you rotten instead of constantly expecting you to pay their bills and handle their responsibilities for them.

3.      Your life can be as unconventional as you please

If you’re like many very independent women, you likely knew a conventional, ordinary life wasn’t for you early on. Maybe you never really related to other young women who fantasized endlessly about their wedding day and all the children they were going to have. Or perhaps you liked the idea of marriage and kids but also had your heart set on living a life characterized by adventure and top-tier experiences – the very best the world has to offer.

When that’s who you are as a woman, you get used to people telling you that you “can’t” live your life that way or that you’ll regret it if you try when, naturally, you know better. But things are different in the sugar bowl. You can have a conventional or unconventional take on life and relationships if you want. Sugaring leaves plenty of room for every possibility, and many sugar daters wind up wishing they’d known this was an option a lot sooner in life.

4.      You get the best of both worlds

Imagine coming home to a beautiful living space that’s all yours. You get to decorate it the way you want, do what you want when you’re home at the end of your day, and change your plans for the evening on a whim if you’d like. You don’t have to answer to anyone or run your choices by somebody else first. You can simply live your life on your own terms.

But you’re also not necessarily single or alone, either. You have your freedom, but you also have an incredible sugar daddy in your life who adores you and loves nothing better than to spoil you absolutely rotten. You’re together when you want to be but also each have your own space to yourselves. And you love that you both have the option of getting more serious in the future, as well, without the pressure to do so.

In other words, being a sugar baby is an independent woman’s chance to live her life her way – to get everything she wants and nothing she doesn’t. So don’t be afraid to give it a try. You may find that life, love, and dating finally make sense for the first time ever.