Although sugaring makes more sense and comes more naturally to many people than traditional dating does, there’s still a bit of a learning curve to conquer at first. It’s not just about perfecting your sugar baby persona or figuring out how to manage your new dating routine, either. If you sugar online, there’s a fine art to setting up and maintaining a compelling profile.

That said, if you know you’re putting yourself out there thoroughly enough but aren’t attracting as much interest as you expected, don’t jump to the conclusion that you’re just not sugar baby material just yet. The chances are actually pretty good that your profile is the problem. Are you guilty of any of the following common mistakes?

1.      Choosing the Wrong Username

Sugar dating sites have a lot in common with other dating sites or social media platforms in that your username says a lot about you. It’s a choice that could make or break a first impression. That said, make yours clear and illustrative – something you feel accurately expresses your personality and approach to relationships.

Options that are cute, subtly sexy, and maybe just a little bit sassy are excellent choices, as those are all qualities many daddies like in a potential sugar baby. But avoid anything aggressively sexual or overbearing. The best sugar daddies are looking for so much more than a physical connection to someone new. They’re looking for deeper, emotional relationships that are genuinely worthwhile on many levels.

2.      Writing a Long-Winded Bio

Sugar daddies are busy guys, so most aren’t going to be in the mood to slog through an unknown sugar baby’s entire life story when he’s browsing his favorite sugaring sites. In fact, you can probably expect him to navigate away immediately when he clicks on your profile only to find a wall of text staring back at him.

Realistically speaking, you’ve got 5-6 seconds to capture a daddy’s interest, so make sure your headline and bio get straight to the point. Break down the important points about you and what you’re looking for within 100-150 words or so. Maybe add a little something to help an interested daddy approach you. Then leave the rest for future conversations.

3.      Not Uploading the Right Photos

No matter what type of dating experience you’re into, your photos are just as important as your bio, if not more so. And as with your bio, keep in mind that your photos are a solid chance to tell a would-be sugar daddy what kind of person you are, so choose carefully. Also, keep in mind that men typically respond best to photos that show the subject smiling at the camera with their head slightly tilted.

Don’t upload a prohibitively large number of photos or anything, but choose at least five. Select pictures that are simple and fun but attractive. Include a mix of clear, good-quality headshots and full-body shots. Collectively, your photos should make it easy to get a clear read on what you look like, so this isn’t the time to break out the fuzzy close-ups or edgy artistic shots.

4.      Coming Across as Too Spoiled

In the sugar bowl, it’s more or less taken for granted that sugar babies enjoy being spoiled a little. That’s part of what a good sugar daddy is looking for – a fun, bubbly, young woman he can treat like gold and welcome into his incredible, affluent life. That said, there’s no need to explicitly ask for it on your profile or overemphasize your interest in the finer things in life.

Many sugar babies make this mistake, so making the same one makes you seem uncreative at best. You also run a genuine risk of coming across as selfish and entitled – traits sugar daddies don’t want in a potential sugar baby. Remember, sugaring isn’t just about what you can get. Winning sugar babies are just as interested in what they can give their daddies.

5.      Coming Across as Desperate

For every would-be sugar baby who thinks she’s doing herself a favor by acting spoiled, there are probably two who think acting helpless and clueless is the way to go. They think sugar daddies are dying to rescue a charity case, and they often find out the hard way that that’s not true at all.

Successful sugar babies don’t put themselves out there as desperate or helpless. They’re independent, goal-oriented women with dreams, goals, and aspirations. And good-quality sugar daddies aren’t looking to take up with charity cases who don’t understand themselves or want anything out of life. Instead, they want exceptional, intelligent, focused women capable of holding up their end of a mutually fulfilling arrangement.

At the end of the day, putting together a great sugar baby profile that’s bound to attract all the right attention isn’t rocket science. It does take some finesse, but ultimately simple, genuine, and to-the-point is the best approach.