The choice to become a sugar baby and leave traditional dating behind is an exciting one. But it’s an important one, too, not to mention a big adjustment for most people. It’s essential that every aspiring sugar baby make an informed decision. Here are a few crucial questions to go over with yourself to ensure you’ll get everything you hope to out of your journey into the sugar bowl.

1.      “What are my expectations?”

Most sugar babies have a very clear picture in their heads when it comes to what they think sugaring will be like. Sometimes that picture is pretty realistic, but other times? Not so much. So it’s essential to be honest with yourself about what you expect life as a sugar baby to be like.

Are you picturing a life that’s ultra-lavish and super over the top as far as how luxurious it all is? Are you expecting your future sugar daddy to make all your problems disappear? Sugaring is luxe in many ways, and most sugar babies are very well taken care of. It’s not a catch-all solution to all of life’s problems and challenges, though.

Pretty much any sugar daddy is going to be wealthy, generous, and the type of guy who loves to spoil his lady. But most aren’t living celebrity-level lifestyles. And, of course, sugar relationships still come with their share of challenges and compromises.

2.      “What do I want out of this experience?”

Just as important as figuring out what you expect is determining what you really want out of sugaring. What about sugaring appealed to you in the first place? Was it just about the opportunity to maybe date someone rich and affluent or something more? Is this a short-term solution for you, or do you see it as more of a permanent adjustment to your dating life?

There are really no wrong answers to crucial questions like these, as people embrace sugar dating for all sorts of reasons. But it’s crucial to be clear on what you’re really looking for so you can accurately communicate that to the people you connect with.

3.      “How open do I want to be about my sugar life?”

One critical decision every sugar baby needs to make before she starts sugar dating is whether to tell friends and family. If you come from an open-minded, accepting family, this might be a no-brainer, as there’s no need not to tell your people what you’re doing (and why). But many sugar daters prefer discretion, and that’s okay, too.

You also need to consider what you expect of a potential sugar daddy when it comes to how out in the open your relationship will be. Many sugar daddies are incredibly important people who really can’t be open about their sugar life, so you’ll need to determine whether that’s something you can handle before you start dating.

4.      “How do you personally feel about sugaring?”

You’d think that any young woman who’s thinking seriously about becoming a sugar baby would be 100 percent comfortable with everything about sugaring. But this isn’t always the case. It may not be fair or accurate, but society makes certain assumptions about sugaring and the people who choose that over a more traditional approach to dating.

Ask yourself these crucial questions: Do you buy into those assumptions yourself to any extent? How do you feel about sugaring? Is it something you see as a freeing, empowering choice? Or is there a part of you that does feel like it’s something shameful or unsavory? If you’re anything less than 100 percent okay with the idea, it’s important to unpack your reasons before going any further.

5.      “How will you handle it if someone finds out?”

Although there are definitely sugar babies who are all the way out and proud, most prefer to maintain at least some degree of discretion. Even if their families and social circles know and are okay with it, their bosses or work colleagues might not be. So, unless you’re planning on announcing your sugar status from the rooftops, it’s essential to decide what you’ll do if other people find out you’re a sugar baby.

Would that be devastating to you, or would you see it as an opportunity to educate others about what it really means to be a sugar baby? How embarrassed would you be? What would the degree of impact be on your other relationships, your career, and so forth?

Ultimately, there’s nothing whatsoever wrong with sugaring. In fact, it’s a wonderful, potentially empowering experience that can change a young woman’s life for the better. But it’s the kind of choice a person needs to make with their eyes wide open, so be sure to give your decision enough thought before diving right in.