Becoming a successful sugar baby is a lot like anything else worth doing in life. Doing it well means making sure you’re an excellent fit for the role, and part of that means cultivating the right skills to find, establish, and nurture healthy sugar relationships.

Naturally, no two sugar daddies are going to be exactly alike, so no two sugar babies should be, either. However, there are certain things pretty much every sugar baby should know how to do before she dives into sugar dating in all seriousness. Here are a few crucial skills every sugar baby should cultivate.

1.      The Skill of Negotiation

Sugar relationships are very much real relationships in every sense of the word, but they’re different from their vanilla counterparts in that they’re also arrangements. Before a sugar couple definitively decides to establish an arrangement, they first need to sit down together and hammer out the details of what that arrangement will entail.

This helps get everyone’s expectations out on the table right from the get-go so that neither party eventually finds themselves in a relationship that looks nothing like they expected. That means you need to get comfortable negotiating. Yes, part of this means learning to confidently ask for what you want. But it also means getting comfortable vetoing terms you don’t think are fair and coming up with tempting counteroffers.

2.      Conversation Skills

It’s a common misconception that all a sugar baby really needs to succeed in the sugar bowl is a pretty face, but nothing could be further from the truth. While most sugar daddies likely do want a sugar baby who’s beautiful and stylish, he also wants someone capable of being a real companion to him.

That means a sugar baby needs to be capable of holding up her end of an intelligent discussion, so well-developed conversational skills are crucial. Start by getting in the know when it comes to key topics many daddies care about, like current events, art, and culture. Then work on becoming a better conversationalist by practicing skills like active listening, finding common ground, etc.

3.      Style

Although looks are important in the sugar bowl, being beautiful isn’t necessarily enough on its own to really turn a daddy’s head. Sugar daddies are well-to-do, high-value people with impeccable taste in pretty much everything. They like elegant, classy sugar babies who are going to fit well into five-star surroundings because they look the part in every way they should.

So, consider ditching anything about your look that might be considered loud, tacky, or over-the-top. Instead, embrace beautiful, understated hairstyles and lovely, natural makeup looks. Dress in tailored, high-quality clothing in classic styles and colors that pretty much never go out of style. Accessorize wisely and with style. Learn to carry yourself with grace and elegance at all times.

4.      The Skill of Being Discrete

Remember, sugar daddies are important men. They’ve invested themselves and their resources into cultivating incredible lives that would be the envy of nearly any onlooker. They also want to protect what they have, and part of that means don’t go spreading their personal business around or doing anything else that might jeopardize their carefully nurtured reputations.

Different daddies will have different takes on how open they want to be about any sugar relationships they might be in, but ultimately each is going to make the call that’s right for his image and professional life. That means any sugar baby an affluent sugardaddy takes up with needs to be super discreet. Don’t talk out of school about your relationship or post about it all over social media unless you and your daddy have both agreed it’s okay.

5.      Emotional Intelligence

Most sugar daddies lead very busy, stressful lives that require so much of their time, energy, and emotional resources. The last thing they want to come home to after a long day at the office or out there changing the world, in general, is someone who never quite learned to be appropriately sensitive to another person’s needs. Every sugar baby should aim to be a safe place to fall for her sugar daddy, and that means cultivating the crucial skill of impeccable emotional intelligence.

Be someone who gets to know people so well, that they can anticipate another person’s needs without having to be explicitly told. There will be many days and nights when your sugar daddy doesn’t quite know what would help him unwind, so it’s helpful to have a sugar baby who always seems to know just the thing. Be a good listener and a wonderful, nurturing presence in your daddy’s life in every way possible.

Ultimately, being a terrific sugar baby is largely about looking for ways to elevate yourself as a person on every level. If you want to be someone powerful, important men enjoy being around, it’s important to learn what qualities they’re looking for and cultivate them accordingly.