If you’ve been navigating your way around the sugar bowl for long, then you don’t need to be told it can be pretty competitive there. Even the newest, most modest sugar baby likely isn’t any slouch. Sugar daddies are very discriminating, valuable men who can more or less have their pick of the entire sugar bowl. A sugar baby must be special to be a great daddy’s pick – an “it girl” in every sense of the word.

So, what kind of sugar baby are you? What do you bring to the table in a sugar relationship that a sugar daddy could never get anywhere else? If you’re serious about succeeding in the sugar bowl the way you want to, you need to know what it takes to be an “it girl” – to stand out and turn heads. Here are some tips to get you started in the right direction.

1.      Master a new language

Many sugar daddies are more than just rich. They’re also cultured, well-educated, and very well-traveled. Being a sugar baby almost certainly means getting to travel the world, as your future sugar daddy will definitely want you to accompany him on his travels. Picking up a new language can help your case in more ways than one.

Not only does someone who speaks two or more languages tend to get more out of the travel experience, but they’re considered more cultured overall. Plus, studying other languages and cultures is a wonderful, rewarding way to become more open-minded and worldly – a must for any good sugar dater who wants to be an “it girl”.

2.      Learn to cook

Cooking is an important life skill that literally every “it girl” should have, but it’s sadly becoming something of a lost art. This is especially the case among younger people, as many survive primarily on convenience food and takeout. That said, a beautiful young woman who not only enjoys cooking but knows how to do it well has a real advantage over the competition.

Even though most sugar daddies love the finer things in life and enjoy eating out often, they certainly appreciate a good home-cooked meal now and then, as well. Take a cooking class, learn your way around a couple of great go-to dishes, and practice your skills. You and your future sugar daddy will be glad you did.

3.      Kill it in the gym

Being a top-tier sugar baby who turns every head in the sugar bowl is about more than being skinny. Sugar daddies like babies who take impeccable care of themselves, and while skinny may be fashionable in some circles, it’s not the same as being genuinely healthy. Health is beauty, and you can’t be your healthiest self without exercise.

If you’re not already doing so, it’s officially time to establish an ongoing exercise routine. It’s fine to occasionally work out at home or have active hobbies that help you stay trim and toned. But you’ll get a lot more out of your efforts if you join a proper gym and hire a trainer to help you meet your fitness goals.

4.      Embrace professional styling

As with exercise and fitness, there’s nothing wrong with liking to be hands-on about your own beauty routine. But the best way to obtain that sleek, silky, almost otherworldly look so many of the sugar “it girls” have, is to enlist the aid of professionals who can help you reach that next level and stay there.

Definitely have your hair professionally styled, as well as get regular professional manicures, pedicures, waxes, and facials. Most well-kept young women these days have their eyebrows and eyelashes professionally maintained, as well. Personal shoppers and professional stylists can help you settle on the best signature clothing styles for you, too.

5.      Practice healthy self-care

Next-level sugar babies carry themselves with grace and elegance, seemingly without effort, but that’s only partly about their stunning good looks. Next-level sugar babies don’t just know they deserve the very best in life and carry themselves like it. They treat themselves accordingly, as well. After all, no one can pour from an empty cup – not even a sugar baby.

Healthy self-care means making taking care of yourself – inside and out – a top priority in your life. Yes, part of that does mean working out and keeping up with your beauty treatments. But it also means filling your free time with activities and rituals that give your life meaning and make you happy. What you choose is up to you, but it can be anything from an afternoon at the beach rereading a favorite novel or the occasional glass of wine enjoyed in the tub after a long, grueling day.

Sugar babies know that life is for enjoying, and the self-care decisions they make reflect this thinking. Try it, and see for yourself! You’ll love what it does for both your well-being and your ability to stand out in the sugar bowl.