As any long-time sugar dater knows, sugar dating is not about money. It’s about blissfully indulgent mutual spoiling that goes both ways. But it also makes sense that an affluent, well-to-do sugar daddy might want to use his advantages and resources to make his sweet sugar baby’s life a little sweeter and easier.

However, many sugar daters dislike the idea of a sugar daddy choosing to spoil his sugar baby by giving her money outright. So if that’s the case for you and your baby, here are some incredible ideas for seeing that she’s properly spoiled without giving her money directly.

1.     Take her on whirlwind vacations

If your sugar baby is like most, she’s sophisticated, worldly, and absolutely loves to travel. However, her options may be limited when it comes to the types of trips she can afford on her own, especially if she’s a student or still gaining a foothold in her career of choice.

Being surprised with a whirlwind vacation to some wonderful destination is every sugar baby’s absolute dream come true, so don’t be afraid to step up in this regard. Plan something romantic for the two of you or splurge on a getaway for her to enjoy on her own with her family and friends.

2.     Help out with her living expenses

The growing cost of living is really no joke, especially these days with inflation running amok in every direction. For that reason, even hard-working, successful sugar babies might be having to tighten their belts in some less-than-ideal ways.

If you suspect that might be the case for your beautiful sugar baby, don’t simply assume that she’s too proud to accept your help with her rent, bills, or car payments. Stepping up and taking care of some of those things for her is a touching way to show you care while helping to reduce any possible stress in her life.

3.     Take her shopping

What gorgeous young woman doesn’t love to shop? Not only is shopping an essential part of life when it comes to meeting one’s basic needs, but it can be incredibly therapeutic when a sugar baby’s in need of a little healthy self-care. That said, a sugar daddy who’s willing to take his baby on the occasional shopping spree is worth his weight in gold, and is a sign you just might be sugar daddy material.

So don’t be afraid to spoil your sugar baby rotten with incredible shopping sprees that will leave her smiling from ear to ear. And you don’t necessarily need to stop at shoes, clothes, or jewelry when it comes to what you shop for, either. Many sugar babies are just as grateful to be taken shopping for food, household décor, and other essentials, as well.

4.     Treat her to some classes

Sugar babies as a collective are generally very driven, intellectually voracious young women, so they’re always down to learn a new skill or level up an existing one. However, the best classes can be expensive and well outside the normal budget for many babies.

A doting, loving sugar daddy can show he cares by helping his sugar baby pay for her ongoing education. Yes, he can do this by helping her cover the costs of standard college tuition or textbooks. But treating her to a one-off class in a subject she’s always wanted to learn can be just as much of a lifesaver.

5.     Splurge on treats for both of you

Naturally, there’s more than one way to keep any sugar baby happily spoiled. So don’t feel the need to stop at gestures, treats, and goodies that are strictly for her to enjoy on her own. Sugar babies adore their sugar daddies and often want nothing more than an opportunity to spend even more quality time together having incredible experiences and making memories.

In other words, any of the above ideas (and more) can easily translate into experiences and indulgences that both of you can enjoy as a couple. Think romantic weekend getaways that are best enjoyed in the company of a partner, classes you can have a blast taking together, and shopping sprees you can both bond over.

And if your relationship has reached the point where it’s officially time to start getting serious, you can add options like a beautiful new home or apartment for two or a stunning new vehicle to park in the driveway, as well. Don’t be afraid to get creative.

At the end of the day, there are many meaningful ways to spoil a sugar baby. In most cases, the personal touch is often best and means a lot more, and this is just as much the case for sugar couples as it is for anyone else. How do you like to spoil your sugar babies when it’s time to show your love?