As any experienced sugar baby can tell you, there will be no shortage of fantastic sugar daddies lining up to be with a young, beautiful, intelligent woman like yourself who could be with any man she wanted. If you’re new to the sugar bowl, it’s essential not to sell yourself short.

It’s especially important to think things through before entering into a proposed arrangement with a particular sugar daddy to avoid issues and disappointment down the line. Here are some questions to ask yourself before committing to any specific situation.

1.      Do you want the same kind of relationship?

As with conventional dating, there are many different ways someone might approach sugar dating. Yes, you’ll absolutely meet your share of sugar daddies who are looking for elevated, more honest versions of the traditional relationships they might be more used to. But there are lots of daddies who prefer open, casual, or no-strings-attached dating, as well.

That said, it’s crucial to know precisely what type of relationship you’re looking for and not to settle for sugar arrangements that don’t meet your needs. The whole point of sugar dating is to say goodbye to settling for less than you know you deserve, so hold out for someone who wants the same type of connection you do.

2.      Is his lifestyle in sync with what you’re looking for?

Although sugar dating isn’t about money, as so many people wrongly believe, it’s foolish to think that money doesn’t matter at all. If you’re like most sugar babies, part of the reason you’re interested in a sugar daddy is that you’re tired of dating broke, financially unstable men who ultimately expect you to foot the bill for your shared life together.

So definitely be honest with yourself about whether your potential daddy’s financial status is in line with what you’re looking for. Settling for someone who can’t afford the lifestyle you want (or who doesn’t like to spend on things that are important to you) will only lead to unhappiness in the end.

3.      Will his level of availability work for you?

Collectively speaking, sugar daddies can be all over the place as far as how much time they expect to be able to spend with their sugar babies. So again, you should decide up front what you’re looking for in this regard and hold off on entering into an official sugar arrangement until you’ve found a genuine fit.

Many daddies are extremely busy men who work quite a lot or who are often out of town on business. But some daddies are retired or independently wealthy and prefer living a life of leisure. Naturally, someone with a looser schedule will likely expect to spend more time with their sugar baby, so make sure you’re happy with a daddy’s availability before getting involved.

4.      What common ground do you connect over?

Many new sugar babies are so relieved not to be dating emotionally immature, broke men anymore that they forget to consider everything else that can make or break a relationship with another person. So don’t get so wrapped up in the idea of living the luxe lifestyle that you forget to ensure you have enough things in common with your daddy.

Do you have your heart set on traveling around the world once you’re in sugar arrangement? Make sure you’re not getting involved with a daddy who’s more of a homebody. Are you a cultured patron of the arts, a seasoned foodie, or a music lover? Hold off on agreeing to an arrangement until you’ve met a daddy who is all of those things, too.

5.      Is he supportive of your goals and dreams?

If you’re like most sugar babies, liking the idea of dating a rich man who wants to spoil you rotten doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have goals and ambitions of your own. So as with conventional partners, it’s essential to choose a sugar partner who is on board with you chasing all of your wildest dreams and making them come true.

Thankfully, most sugar daddies prefer sugar babies who are as cultured, accomplished, and well-rounded as they are. But some daddies are looking for someone who would rather stay close to home most of the time, and that’s okay, too. Just make sure the life you want for yourself gels with the role your potential daddy sees you playing in his life before committing.

Of course, the best way to ensure you and a would-be sugar daddy are a good fit up front is to engage in thorough, hyper-honest negotiations before agreeing to anything. If there’s something you want, need, or expect from your future relationship, say so.

And don’t ever compromise on things that are important to you. What might be an issue for one daddy won’t be a problem at all for another, so it’s worth waiting for a perfect fit.