Sugaring is more than just a wonderfully refreshing alternative to the frustrating traditional dating scenarios you might be used to. Like so many worthwhile pursuits in life, it’s an art that comes with a learning curve. That being the case, even the most brilliant new sugar babies are virtually guaranteed to make a few mistakes when they’re new to the world of sugaring.

But of course, it helps a lot to go into your first few situations knowing what long-time sugar babies wish they’d known when they were first starting out. Here are a few of the most common early mistakes brand new sugar babies make, as well as some tips on how you can avoid each of them.

1.      Talking to Only One Person

Sugar dating is just like traditional dating in that you don’t want to focus all of your energy, hopes, and efforts on just one daddy right out of the gate. A potential sugar partner is exactly that – someone with potential – and they’re far from the only one out there who could really make you happy.

Even if a particular daddy seems super promising and you feel a real spark, you’ll want to keep talking to, meeting up with, and considering other candidates, as well. Sugaring is all about raising the bar and expecting more out of the dating process, so it’s essential to make sure you’ve found the best of the best before you commit and take yourself off the market.

2.      Not Knowing When to Cut Someone Loose

Once you’ve been sugar dating for a while, it’s easier to know what you should expect from a first, second, or third meetup with a potential sugar daddy. But when you’re first starting out, you’re still likely to default to what traditional dating has taught you to expect over the years – games, assumptions, and unspoken expectations.

Sugar dating is all about honesty and forthrightness, so it’s not customary to have to sit through multiple dates before a potential sugar daddy makes his intentions clear. If he hasn’t brought up the idea of taking things to the next level by the second date, he likely never will. Remember, you have value on the sugar market, and your time is valuable, too. Don’t let anyone waste it.

3.      Being Bashful Instead of Direct

That trademark directness that sets sugar dating apart from other types of dating doesn’t go just one way. Yes, would-be daddies should be as upfront as possible with the babies they date. But the sooner a sugar baby learns to be honest and direct about what she wants, as well, the happier she’ll be with her dating experiences.

Again, there’s no room for unspoken expectations or optimistic assumptions in sugar dating. If there’s something specific, you’re looking for in a relationship or need in a partner, don’t be afraid to speak up and say so. Far too many people don’t realize they’re training people to give them less until it’s too late. Never forget that you’re worth it and that you deserve to get what you want in your relationships just as surely as anyone else.

4.      Not Being Themselves

When you’re used to traditional dating, it makes sense that you’d also be used to putting on an act to please insecure would-be partners. Far too many men don’t know how to appreciate women who are genuine, honest, and unapologetically themselves. They expect the people they date to jump through hoop after hoop to make their fantasies come true without ever realizing that they’ve already got someone who’s incredible just the way she is.

That said, yes, you should always put your best foot forward when meeting with existing or potential sugar daddies. Dress well, look your best, and come prepared to sparkle in the personality department. But it’s also crucial that you be yourself. Great sugar daddies are looking for value that’s more than skin-deep. They want someone unique and unashamed of who they are. Don’t rob them of the chance to get to know the real you.

5.      Overstuffing Their Schedules

Once you’ve made the transition from going to one-off meetups to maintaining one or more actual sugar relationships, it’s all too easy to let your schedule get a little too full. Of course, you should have fun and make the most of your new connections, but be mindful of overextending yourself.

Remember, good sugar daddies are busy guys. They manage prestigious careers, lavish personal lives, and important commitments. So, if one of your daddies makes a date with you, show up. Don’t flake or make a habit of canceling appointments once they’re made. A sugar baby should be a sweet haven for her sugar daddy – a peaceful port in a turbulent world – instead of another hassle he must juggle. Always remember that and treat your daddy accordingly!