Although society’s a lot more open-minded about alternative approaches to dating than it used to be, sugar dating is one option that still isn’t very well understood. Most people’s idea of what it means to be a sugar baby or sugar daddy starts and stops at what they’ve seen in the movies – not exactly the best source for a realistic take on things.

However, it isn’t just the laypeople who are getting things wrong about what it means to be a sugar dater. Babies and daddies who are brand new to the sugar bowl are often guilty of buying into a few of the most widespread sugar dating myths themselves. The following are some great examples to be aware of.

1.      You need to look like Barbie to be a sugar baby.

When the average Joe or Jane pictures a stereotypical sugar baby, they automatically think of someone who looks and acts like a living Barbie doll — big boobs, bleached blonde hair, etc. And to be fair, there are sugar babies out there who look a lot like that, but they’re by no means the only type.

The sugar baby end of the sugar dating pool is populated by as many different body types, personalities, and backgrounds as you can possibly imagine. And all of them do equally well in the sugar bowl, as sugar daddies can come attached to all sorts of preferences.

2.      Sugar dating is easy enough that anyone can do it.

While it’s true that you don’t have to be a particular type or have a specific look to be a good fit for the sugar bowl, that doesn’t mean sugar dating is potentially suitable for everyone. Many people are under the impression that sugar dating is easy – something absolutely anyone can do.

However, while sugar dating isn’t necessarily rocket science, it’s still a type of dating, so you only get out of it what you’re willing to put in. Sugar relationships are mutually beneficial arrangements between two high-value people, each with something to bring to the table. Finding the right arrangement not only takes some effort, but it requires a level of emotional maturity not everyone has.

3.      Sugar arrangements aren’t genuine relationships.

This is perhaps one of the most persistent sugar dating myths out there. However, it’s also one of the least true. Sugar relationships may not look like what a traditional dater is used to across the board, but they are genuine relationships in every sense of the word. And no two sugar relationships are exactly alike, either.

Some sugar relationships are very casual, while others are as serious and exclusive as any other long-term relationship. Some sugar daters see multiple people at a time, while others prefer to stick to just one relationship at any given time. The major difference between sugar relationships and traditional relationships is an emphasis on honesty and an upfront approach to any expectations either party might have.

4.      Intelligence is an undesirable quality in a sugar baby.

Another assumption far too many people make when they think of your average sugar baby is that she’s not only unintelligent but needs to be to be a good fit for a sugar arrangement. They picture someone who’s unable (and perhaps even unwilling) to take care of herself and needs a sugar daddy willing to do the job for her.

And people’s perceptions of the typical daddy aren’t much better. They think sugar daddies require their babies to be unintelligent because they’re players looking to take advantage of someone who’s too naïve to know any better.

In reality, most sugar babies are quite accomplished young women with lofty goals, sophisticated interests, and highly independent personalities. And that’s precisely what most daddies are looking for – vibrant, brilliant young women who can hold their own in an intelligent conversation.

5.      You have to keep your sugar dating a secret.

While it’s true that many sugar relationships do call for discretion, there’s no requirement – unspoken or otherwise – that you keep yours a secret from other people in your life. How open or private you want to be about your dating life is entirely up to you and your sugar partners. When people do decide to keep their relationships under wraps, it’s usually more a matter of convenience than anything else.

Not everyone comes from a background where people understand sugar dating or are willing to accept anything other than a traditional approach from those in their lives. Others simply don’t feel their love lives are anyone else’s business, and rightly so. But there are just as many people who are open about their status as a sugar daddy or sugar baby.

As you can see, there’s still a lot society doesn’t understand about sugar dating, but you don’t have to buy into any of those sugar dating myths yourself. So, banish them from your thinking, dive in, and learn how sweet the sugar life can really be.