Although there’s nothing wrong with liking to be asked out by a potential sugar daddy, you’re really vibing with, there’s no need to wait for him to make the first move unless that’s truly what you prefer. It’s 2022. Not only is it more than socially acceptable for women to ask men out or otherwise make the first move, but many sugar daddies like sugar babies who are confident enough to do that.

So, the next time you’ve been chatting up someone in particular for a while and are really itching to meet them in person, know that it’s totally sugar-appropriate to suggest a meet-up yourself. Here are some tips for going about it like a boss.

1.      Make good use of an “extra ticket”

Everyone’s had something like this happen before, right? You grab a certain number of tickets to a concert, festival, or sporting event before they sell out, assuming you’ll be going with someone specific. Then they can’t go for whatever reason, and you’re stuck trying to get rid of the extra ticket or at least recoup what it costs.

Whether you actually had an extra ticket by accident or bought one, planning on using it to tempt a hot potential daddy to go out on a date with you, it’s a great way to bring up the idea of getting together. Try it, and see where it goes.

2.      Leverage a common interest

During the chatting phase of any sugar connection, you’re bound to start talking about your interests sooner or later. If you two do find some common ground, you’re likely to keep talking about it, the better to find out if that little spark you feel for sugar daddy has some real potential to grow into something bigger.

It’s just a hop, skip, and a jump from talking about something you’re both passionate about to suggesting the two of you meet up to enjoy it together sometime. Are you both into fine art? Suggest checking out an upcoming art show or your favorite museum. Have you guys been bonding over your mutual love of fine wine or cocktails? Try getting him to come out with you to a tasting sometime.

3.      Talk about something you want to try

Every adventurous sugar baby has a running list of fun activities she’d like to try the next time she has an opportunity (or finds the right company to explore it with). And, of course, making a shared activity the focus of a first date or meet-up is a beautiful way to break the ice and keep things from being too awkward.

So don’t be afraid to think of something you think you and your potential sugar daddy would have fun doing together. Bring it up in conversation, gauge his interest, and consider asking him to meet up with you to try it together if it seems like something he’d be into.

4.      Do your homework on your date

If you’ve been dating online for long, then you already know that Google is your friend when it comes to getting the skinny on a guy, you’re thinking about meeting up with. This is no less the case if you’re a sugar baby looking to meet the right sugar daddy. After all, it’s crucial to make sure someone is who they say they are before meeting up in person or otherwise taking those next steps.

Google can be a great way to get a read on someone new, figure out what they’re into, and use what you learn to start conversations about potential reasons to meet up. For example, suppose you discover your potential sugar daddy is seriously into oil painting (and you’re genuinely interested in oil painting, too). In that case, you can ask whether he’s willing to give you lessons or some in-person pointers on picking out the best art supplies.

5.      Offer to buy him a cup of coffee

Or a tea, a cocktail, or whatever it is you know he’s likely to say yes to. Yes, he’s a sugar daddy who – if all goes well – might eventually become your sugar daddy. But most sugar daddies like to be spoiled occasionally, too, so your guy likely isn’t above letting you pick up the check for something as innocent as a beverage or two. (It also shows you’re not all about money.)

Plus, coffee and cocktails make classic low-key dates that don’t come attached to too many expectations. If you guys hit it off the way you hope you will, you can always choose to extend the date or make another one for the future. And if not? You can both walk away and get back to your lives without anyone’s feelings being hurt.

At the end of the day, asking a potential sugar daddy out is a total power move any sugar baby should consider making. Try it for yourself, and see if it works for you.