Although it might feel pretty easy for a high-value woman like yourself to turn heads and stand out in your town or city, it can be a completely different ballgame online. And this is even more the case once you make the jump to sugar dating.

Once you’re in the sugar bowl looking for a sugardaddy, it doesn’t take long to see that every sugar baby is beautiful, charming, intelligent, and fun to be around. In other words, you’ve really got your work cut out for you when it comes to standing out from the rest of the crowd, and the key to doing that is to create a killer profile that turns heads. Here’s the top 5 sugar baby profile tweaks to help you snag your ideal sugar daddy.

1.      Don’t over-rely on your looks.

Yes, it’s crucial for a wannabe sugar baby to look the part and take care of herself physically, as looks definitely matter in sugar relationships. But don’t assume that a pretty face and a flawless body are all it takes to attract the sugar daddy of your dreams.

Top-tier sugar daddies are total packages, and they’re looking for sugar babies who are the same. So use your profile to show off a bit of your unique personality. Definitely sell yourself a little, but make sure you’re also genuine. No one likes a fake or wants to date one, especially in the sugar bowl.

2.      Give some thought to your photos.

Anyone who’s done much online dating already knows what it’s like to spend time talking to someone and meet up only to realize the person looks nothing like the pictures on their profile. That’s not something you want happening in the sugar bowl, so choose your photos with care.

Make sure they’re recent and accurately reflect your current weight, age, and aesthetic. They should also be of good quality and make it reasonably easy to see what you look like. Save the artistic angles for Instagram, and be sure to include at least one full-body shot.

3.      Choose an eye-catching username.

Although there’s no law against using your real name on any sugar dating websites you belong to, it’s common practice not to. It’s a lot safer, as you don’t necessarily want any stranger knowing your actual legal name. (You probably don’t want “just anybody” from your real life stumbling across your sugar dating profile, either.)

Think of your username as a chance to tell potential sugar daddies a little about what you might be like as a sugar baby. Some sugar babies like to choose something clever or witty, while others prefer to be a bit naughty or flirtatious. The idea is to pick something that catches the eye and piques a daddy’s curiosity.

4.      Make the most of your heading.

Most profile headlines are only about ten words long or less, so they don’t leave room for a lot of information. But that’s also kind of the point. Headlines are meant to be brief and give users an idea at a glance as to what the person behind it is all about.

The key to a great headline is to give other users browsing the site a quick take on what you’re like and what you’re looking for. But don’t spell everything right out. Instead, leave a little something to the imagination, so curious potential daddies have a reason to click through to your profile.

5.      Create a balanced profile bio.

As with profile pictures that turn out to be many years out of date, every online dater knows what it’s like to click through to a promising profile only to see the person felt the need to write out their entire life story in their bio section. Although you definitely want to be thorough and let people know what they need to know about you, no one will read through a huge, rambling wall of text that includes way too many details that don’t matter at this stage.

Stick to what a daddy would need to know to decide whether to send you that first message. Cover the type of arrangement you’re looking for – how serious it should be, how often you get together, etc. And touch on any limits you may have, as well as mention a few traits your ideal partner would have. There’s plenty of time to discuss the rest once the two of you are chatting.

Think of your sugar baby profile as your very own commercial – a way to snag the attention of your ideal sugar daddy and create interest around the idea of dating you. It’s essential to showcase the best of yourself and make a good impression, but conciseness and honesty are important, too. Keep that in mind, and you won’t be able to help but succeed in the sugar bowl.