Although no two sugar daddies are exactly the same, most tend to have certain traits in common. For example, most daddies are quite successful, wealthy, and affluent, but they didn’t achieve that status by accident. They worked very hard for it, and they continue to. But no sugar daddy is Superman, no matter how well he fronts.

Demanding schedules, stressful jobs, and loads of responsibility can take a toll on even the most virile, resilient man, and that’s where you come in. A good sugar baby works hard to make sure she’s a safe place for her stressed-out sugar daddy to fall. Here are some tips for helping your overworked daddy relax and re-center more effectively.

1.      Sit and listen when he needs an ear

Not every sugar daddy likes to talk much about his problems, and even the more talkative ones don’t necessarily care to do it all the time. But talking things out when they get genuinely stressful can help a lot, whether your stressed-out sugar daddy knows it or not.

Make sure he knows you’re there to lend a listening ear whenever he needs one, and encourage him to lean on you if you really sense him struggling. Be available even when he’s just in the mood to talk about his day. Even a little talk can genuinely help someone decompress.

2.      Spoil stressed-out sugar daddy a little

A true sugar baby knows that the intensive spoiling that comes along with modern sugar relationships doesn’t go just one way. As a sugar baby, it’s essential to know when your sugar daddy could use a little spoiling himself and take the initiative to provide it.

If you know your daddy likes a particular snack or cocktail, as a rule, when he gets home from work, make him feel extra loved by having it prepared and ready for him. And if he’s the type who loves a good bubble bath, consider prepping one for him to enjoy after he’s had his cocktail. You can even offer to share it with him if you like.

3.      Flirt with stressed-out sugar daddy a little

Unless your sugar relationship with your daddy is strictly platonic, he likely appreciates the kind of fun a little lighthearted flirting brings to the table. After all – just like every other man does – every daddy likes to feel virile, desirable, and wanted by his young, beautiful sugar daddy, especially when life’s got him feeling down.

You know best what your sugar daddy likes in this department, so don’t be afraid to turn on the charm. Wear something flirtatious that you know he loves you in. Pay him all the compliments you know he likes most. Turn on that mega-watt smile, be playful, and watch all the stresses of the outside world simply melt away from your stressed-out sugar daddy.

4.      Suggest some personal journaling

Even communicative sugar daddies who like talking things out with their sugar babies don’t always feel comfortable discussing everything in every possible context. But it’s still important to make sure your daddy has a healthy outlet for his emotions regardless. If he has a therapist, that could be one solution.

But if he doesn’t (and isn’t open to the idea), a journal can be just as effective – especially if you know your daddy has an interest in writing or any other creative outlet. Journaling can help a person relieve stress. It also helps them get to the bottom of how they feel about certain things so they can make better, sounder decisions.

5.      Turn your home into a haven

Maybe you’ve been lucky enough to have had a mom, a partner, or a roommate who loved making a genuine home out of the living space you shared together. If so, then you don’t need to be told how walking into a home like that after a long, hard day is like instant stress relief. Why not create a similar experience for your stressed-out sugar daddy?

In addition to making sure your home is clean, comfy, and well-organized, add some special touches, as well. Make it smell nice with some essential oils or nice candles. Prioritize aromatherapeutic scents like lavender or vanilla, known for their stress-relieving properties. An incredible home-cooked meal or catered treat can also be an absolute comfort after a long day at the office.

At the end of the day, it’s easier than you might think to take the edge off a stressful lifestyle or grueling office schedule for your beloved sugar daddy. It’s all about tending to those little touches that can make a person feel prioritized, considered, and loved.

The above suggestions are excellent guidelines to start with. But don’t be afraid to consider what you know about your daddy and come up with your own ideas, as well. It’s sure to be appreciated.