The decision to leave traditional dating in the dust in favor of becoming a sugar baby is a life-changing one. You’ll experience a significant improvement in the quality of your love life, and you’ll find out once and for all that there are emotionally mature men out there who know how to treat a lady.

And you’ll start noticing some personal changes, as well – good ones, of course. For example, you’ll find you start expecting more from life and other people in general. Your standards will begin raising, and if you’re like many new sugar babies, that’s a long overdue change. Here are some tips for leaning into that change like a boss.

1.      Know that you’re worthy

The sugar bowl really is the type of place where a vibrant, young sugar baby’s dreams can start becoming a reality, perhaps for the first time in her life. It can almost seem like something that’s too good to be true – especially at first. And you’ll eventually get used to it, but first, you need to get it straight in your head that you’re worthy.

Stop settling for situations and relationships that are just okay, and never put up with anything subpar. The whole point of looking for a sugar daddy is to start getting what you know you deserve from your relationships. Settling completely defeats the purpose.

2.      Reinvent yourself as a whole package

If you’re brand new to sugaring, then the chances are pretty good that you’re used to the men you date seeing you as just one thing. For example, if you’re known for being a beauty, that’s likely the extent of who you are to people. The same goes for sugar babies who are known for being smart, bubbly, quirky, or just about anything else.

Things are just different when you’re in the sugar bowl. Top-tier sugar daddies are looking for more than just a pretty face in their next sugar baby. They want someone who’s the whole package. That means your mind, spirit, and soul will matter just as much as your looks, if not more. It’s time to incorporate that understanding into your self-image and create sugaring profiles that reflect it.

3.      Take impeccable care of yourself

A sugar baby on the arm of an affluent sugar daddy isn’t just any girl. She’s the counterpart to a partner who’s likely influential, important, and well-to-do on several different levels. Whether you have a sugar daddy of your own or not, it’s time to start making choices that reflect your new social status.

That starts with flawless self-care. If you’re not already working out regularly and eating right, it’s time to start. Take care to get enough sleep and keep stress to a minimum. This is an excellent time also to upgrade your standards in the beauty department. Choose beautiful, well-made clothes that are sugar-worthy. Always have your hair, nails, and beauty treatments professionally done, as well.

4.      Focus on improving your self-control

Many people make the mistake of thinking that expecting more out of life means becoming more demanding and always doing exactly what you want, figuring other people can just move aside if they don’t like it. But as any veteran sugar baby can tell you, it’s actually about mastering your self-control and consciously deciding you’re no longer going to be a slave to your impulses.

Start by focusing less on what your emotions are telling you to do in the moment and more on what your core reasons are for doing things. Do you really need this, or is it just the result of some impulse or whim that will pass quickly? Are the choices you make serving you and those you care about?

5.      Treat others like gold

Spend much time around truly affluent, high-value people, and you’ll quickly notice that many of them have something incredible in common. They don’t ever treat other people like they’re less than worthy. They treat each and every person they come into contact with each day like they’re precious and essential, making them feel like they’re the only person in the room.

If you’re serious about raising your standards and becoming genuine sugar baby material, start doing the same. Treat everyone you interact with as you’d be treated yourself if your positions were reversed. Always aim to leave every person feeling a little better, happier, or more important for having interacted with you.

Ultimately, becoming an exemplary sugar baby and permanently raising your standards is all about taking up space in the world in such a way that you make it a better, more beautiful place to be. So start looking for ways to do that today, whether or not you’re already dating a sugar daddy. You’ll be glad you did.