Even though most young women are repeatedly told they want and expect too much out of life and out of their relationships, the opposite tends to be true. Women get used to other people expecting them to give until it hurts while getting little to nothing back in return. They get used to disappointment, and they learn to set the bar super low as a result.

They get used to not being treated well by the men they date, and they’re right to be tired of that. But all that changes the minute a beautiful, young woman with her whole life ahead of her decides to become a sugar baby. Here are just a few of the ways that choice inspires her to raise her standards up to where they should be.

1.      She stops compromising on deal-breakers

The world of traditional dating is heavily populated with broke, emotionally immature men who are going nowhere in life. It’s no wonder so many women reach a place where they’ve learned to accept behavior and lifestyle choices in their partners that fly in the face of everything they care about.

But once she dives into the sugar bowl, a woman realizes once and for all that great guys who are financially stable, considerate, charming, and emotionally intelligent really are out there. They’re just a lot more discriminating about who they date, so you won’t find them just anywhere.

2.      She learns to appreciate the finer things in life

Even the most frugal, modest sugar daddies out there don’t believe in settling for less than what they really want out of life. After all is said and done, that’s what they’ve worked so hard for all their lives. They want to live good lives and ensure those they love most in the world can do the same, their sugar babies included.

Becoming a sugar baby is often like stepping into a real, live fairytale for many women. They learn how the other half lives. They find out what it’s really like to have nice things and to not have to worry so much about where the money’s going to come from. Eventually, you get used to it and learn to expect more in the first place, just as you always should have.

3.      She starts loving herself more

There’s nothing like being well-loved and well-treated when it comes to learning to love yourself. Years of seeing yourself through the eyes of people who didn’t appreciate you or see your worth teaches you to value yourself less. Being with a sugar daddy who loves you to death and spoils you rotten does the opposite.

You learn what it feels like to be treated like a lady and deeply loved for exactly who you are. Eventually, it becomes impossible not to love yourself the way your sugar daddies love you. You walk taller, carry yourself more confidently, and learn to expect to be treated like the queen you are.

4.      She expects men to match her energy

In a dating pool that’s increasingly full of man-children and broke deadbeats, women have gotten used to having to act as surrogate mommies to their boyfriends and husbands. They’re used to being the ones to put in all the effort and keep everything flowing. And they try to forget about the way they once dreamed of finding a man who would take care of them.

Becoming a sugar baby is one way to live that dream. Sugar daddies are loving, generous men who love taking care of and spoiling their ladies. They don’t need to be mothered, reminded, or looked after. Instead, they’re ready to meet you where you live, match your energy, and give back as much (or more) than they get.

5.      She learns to speak up for herself

Although no two sugar relationships will be exactly alike, all of them are based on honesty and forthrightness. Sugar daters don’t do what traditional daters do and pretend there aren’t things they want, need, and expect out of their relationships. Instead, they lay everything out on the table right up front so that both parties know what they’re signing up for.

That said, any sugar baby needs to become comfortable speaking up for herself, asking for what she wants, and conducting herself like she absolutely expects to get it. Eventually, she becomes an expert at those things and learns to apply what she’s learned in other aspects of her life, as well – like at work, with family, and in her everyday interactions.

In other words, becoming a sugar baby is like a crash course in exemplary self-esteem. It teaches vibrant, young women to love themselves properly and to expect those they allow into their lives to love them just as completely. What woman couldn’t use more of that?