Most sugar babies who have been sugaring for long fully understand the importance of looking after themselves physically. They know how important it is to maintain a polished appearance, as well as to take precautions to keep themselves safe when meeting up with potential daddies they don’t know well yet. But far too many forget all about their mental and emotional health.

The thing is, mental health and physical health go hand in hand, so you’re not genuinely healthy and taking care of yourself until you’re also taking care of your mind. Here are some excellent self-care tips to keep in mind as you continue to navigate your way around the sugar bowl.

1.      Always trust your gut

Although the world of sugar dating is generally a much fairer, more honest place than the traditional dating world you might be used to, it’s still important to always use your best judgment when making decisions. In other words, don’t play guessing games with anything your gut tells you about a person or situation.

If something doesn’t feel right, it’s not right, plain and simple. Never stay in a situation that feels wrong or allow anyone to pressure you into agreeing to things you’re not comfortable with. Remember, “no” is a complete sentence.

2.      No sugar daddy is the boss of you

That goes for both actual sugar daddies you’re in arrangements with and potential sugar daddies you’re still simply considering. Yes, most daddies are going to be older than you are. They’ll likely be significantly wealthier and more affluent than you are, as well. That does not give them the right to boss you around or otherwise treat you poorly.

No amount of money, power, or experience gives anyone the right to mistreat another person. A good sugar daddy would never dream of treating his sugar baby like anything short of an equal, so do your mental health a favor and refuse to accept anything less.

3.      Give journaling a try

If you’re like most sugar babies, you’re only so open to dishing about your experiences in the sugar bowl with your friends or family, if you do so at all. Many sugar daters prefer to keep their love life discreet for any number of reasons, including the fact that vanilla daters may not be able to empathize the same way.

Journaling can be a great way to get certain thoughts and experiences off your chest without necessarily needing to talk to someone else about them. It can help you determine how you really feel about things and make better decisions. And journaling is great for your mental health, no matter who you are.

4.      Find the right therapist

Nowadays, there’s little to no stigma attached to taking care of your mental health anymore. In many circles, it’s actually considered cool to take good care of yourself and to understand yourself well enough to know your needs. This includes when a person decides to give therapy a try.

You don’t necessarily need to be struggling or even having a hard time dealing with things to benefit from therapy. Many people go to therapy regularly as a way of coping better with even life’s normal ups and downs. And a therapist makes a terrific impartial party to talk to you if you’re trying to work through anything specific.

5.      Sweat it out at the gym

As a sugar baby, you likely already understand how important fitness is. Regular exercise helps you maintain your physique, as well as stay at the peak of good health. But it also just so happens to be an incredible stress reliever, so don’t be afraid to embrace it as such.

Form a habit of channeling excess stress into something good for your body. Hit the weights at the gym. Lace up your running shoes and go for a jog. Sign up for a fitness class on aerobics, spinning, yoga, or any other type of physical activity you’ve been wanting to embrace. Your body and your mind will thank you.

6.      Make yourself a priority

Even in this day and age, so many women are strongly conditioned to always put other people’s wants ahead of their needs. And it’s an incredibly hard habit to shake, too, even once you know you shouldn’t be doing it. It’s high time you started deliberately doing differently.

It’s good to care for others and be considerate when making decisions. But it’s also crucial that you consider your own mental health and wellbeing, too. Get comfortable saying “no” to people, things, and situations you don’t want in your life. And never let catering to others interfere with your own career, health, future, or general sense of wellbeing. You’ll be glad you made that decision, guaranteed.