Although plenty of savvy sugar babies know what’s up right from the get-go, there are always those who dive into the sugar bowl with rose-colored glasses on. They’re so excited about the possibility of cultivating better, more fruitful relationships for perhaps the first time in their lives that they simply wrongly assume they can throw caution to the wind and ignore potential red flags.

Granted, sugar dating tends to come attached to fewer petty dramas and issues than traditional daters might be used to, but it’s still crucial to be cautious. Every sugar baby stands a chance of running into faux sugar daddies and scam artists now and again. Here are some sugar daddy profile red flags to be aware of as you browse your options.

1.      His grammar skills are terrible

The vast majority of the sugar daddies out there are super successful men who’ve achieved levels of success the average person can only dream of. That said, even the self-made ones who followed a non-traditional path to the top will have cultivated a solid mastery of spelling and grammar at some point along the way.

So be careful of profiles that look like they were written by someone who can barely string a sentence together. Even the best of us can make a few typos and grammar mistakes from time to time, but true sugar daddies care too much about the impressions they make to allow a profile riddled with errors.

2.      His photos might be stolen

If you ever really have the unshakeable feeling that something isn’t right with a particular sugar daddy profile, definitely take a closer look at the photos. That’s one of the dating profile details most likely to be fake, especially if the daddy in question looks too scrumptious to be real.

Use Google to perform a reverse image search to see where else that same photo might appear. It should only turn up social media pages or business profiles that clearly belong to the same person. But a picture that turns up in connection with another name or what’s obviously a completely different identity is a major red flag.

3.      His profile reads as sexist

Don’t make the mistake of thinking sexism starts and stops at someone actively hating women. Most sexism is pretty subtle and tends to fly under the radar. However, it’s the type of thing that always shows itself in little ways, especially on something like a dating profile.

Granted, most sugar daddies are distinguished, high-quality people who love and respect all people, women included. But there will always be bad apples out there. So, watch out for daddies who say they’re not interested in dating sugar babies who “aren’t like other girls” or anything similar. The same goes for statements that imply he’s racist, homophobic, or prejudiced in any way.

4.      He makes grandiose promises

Contrary to what many people believe, sugar dating isn’t all about money. It is based on connections between two people who absolutely love spoiling one another, and it’s usually a given that a sugar daddy is successful, wealthy, and generous. But real sugar daddies don’t feel the need to advertise the fact that they’re wealthy.

So beware of sugar daddy profiles that not only brag about wealth or affluence but make wild money-centric promises that sound way too good to be true. Real sugar daddies may be generous, but they’re also careful with their money and wouldn’t openly make sweeping promises like these before they’ve even met someone.

5.      He expresses disdain for online dating

If you’ve done much online dating before your days as a sugar baby, you’ve run into this type of guy before – the type who makes comments on his bio that imply he thinks apps and dating profiles are silly. Or sometimes, the person claims not to spend much time on the platform and invites interested parties to look them up elsewhere instead.

At this point, online dating has been around for years and years, as has online sugar dating. It’s a popular, effective, and socially acceptable way to meet people nowadays, so there’s no reason to play things so coy. In fact, it’s a sign that someone doesn’t take the whole process as seriously as they should.

6.      He doesn’t fill out his bio at all

A bio that doesn’t say anything can be just as big a red flag as one that says all the wrong things. It’s another sign that the person just doesn’t take what they’re doing seriously or care that much about attracting and getting to know the right sugar baby. Save your time and energy for a sugar daddy who cares enough to put some effort into the process.

And, of course, every good sugar baby knows to trust her gut when browsing for potential sugar daddies online. If something or someone gives you a bad feeling, trust it and keep it moving.