When you picture the quintessential sugar baby, what kind of mental image comes to mind? If you’re like most people, you probably picture a tall, leggy, Barbie clone without an ounce of extra fat on her taut, toned frame. And to be fair, some sugar babies not only look like that but are exactly what certain sugar daddies out there are looking for.

But it’s important to realize that not only does beauty come in all shapes, colors, and sizes, but there’s plenty of room for everyone in the sugar bowl. So, if you’re a beautiful, curvy woman, know that you absolutely do have what it takes to be an incredible sugar baby. The sugar bowl is full of incredible, loving daddies looking for someone exactly like you. Here’s how to make the most of your own sugaring experience.

Channel your inner dream girl.

The key to beauty that turns heads and makes a serious impression on potential sugar daddies isn’t a rail-thin body that could get you mistaken for a runway model. It’s confidence that can’t help but make people sit up and take notice. And the good news is confidence is something any woman can cultivate, regardless of her size.

What qualities do other people consistently compliment you on? Maybe it’s your stunning blue eyes, your megawatt smile, or your infectious sense of humor. Or perhaps it’s your whip-smart intellect or the way you can put absolutely anyone instantly at ease. Celebrate those qualities as traits that make you uniquely beautiful, and trust that they’ll attract the sugar daddy of your dreams.

Set up a profile that plays to your strengths.

Although you can definitely meet fantastic sugar daddies in your offline life, every serious aspiring sugar baby should have a profile on a solid sugar dating site. It makes it easy to cast a wide net that’s sure to catch multiple potential sugardaddies to choose from. You can simply chat your prospects up in your spare time until you’ve decided who’s worth making time for offline.

But how you set up your profile matters. Sugar daters are honest people who value forthrightness and candor above all else, so it’s important to make sure your sugar profile reflects these principles. In other words, don’t make the mistake so many big, beautiful sugar babies make and try to downplay your size.

Use profile pictures that make it easy to see your true size and your lovely, unique brand of beauty. And always, always be honest about who you are. Remember, the right sugar daddies for you will see your curves as a huge plus, so it’s to your advantage to show them off.

Embrace a style that makes the most of your size.

Another grave mistake many beautiful, curvy women make – especially when trying to attract the right men into their lives – is trying to dress in a way they think will hide their weight and make them look thinner. Some try to force their bodies into clothes that are too small for them, while others attempt to conceal their weight under baggy, shapeless clothes that are much too big.

Neither of these methods is the right approach for a curvy aspiring sugar baby. Instead of trying to hide your body, dress to flatter instead and play to its strengths. Choose sleek, sophisticated clothing in your true sizes, and take your garments to be tailored when it makes sense to do so. Wear colors and styles that make you feel gorgeous and help you channel your inner goddess the way you were born to do.

Lean into sugaring and find your niche.

Although many people do find sugaring to be exactly the breath of fresh air they’re looking for when it comes to their dating lives, it still comes along with its share of challenges. You’ll meet people that seem promising at first only to turn out to be a bad fit for you later on. You’ll have your share of bad dates. You might even occasionally run into daddies that are all salt and no sugar.

But you’ll also have incredible experiences that will make you feel ten feet tall. You’ll meet wonderfully sweet sugar daddies who worship the ground you walk on, have spectacular experiences, and even meet fellow sugar babies you can relate to on a true soul level. Any dating experience is a mixture of sweet and sour, effortless and challenging. Just know that the challenges have nothing to do with your size.

Every sugar baby needs time to hit her stride and learn the ropes when it comes to making the most of the sugar bowl, and you’ll be no different. Just be patient with yourself, trust that you’ll find your niche eventually, and have the time of your life!