If you’re like many vibrant young women, you’re probably really close to your girlfriends. You’re there for each other through thick and thin, and you tell each other everything – or at least maybe that was the case before you started sugaring.

There are lots of reasons why a new sugar baby might choose to compartmentalize her sugar life and elect not coming out to her friends. Maybe one of your sugar daddies insists on being discreet, and you’re simply playing it safe. Or you might be worried that your friends are too traditional to understand why you’d want to embrace sugar dating yourself.

Whatever the case may be, full secrecy is often preferable to brand new sugarers… until it isn’t anymore. Once a sugar baby has sugared long enough that she knows she’s made the right choice for her, it’s only natural to rethink all that secrecy. You reach a place where you want your friends to know what you’re into. If that’s the case for you, the following tips can help you make that transition.

Surround yourself with trustworthy friends

Coming out to your friends as a sugar baby has more in common with coming out to people about other aspects of your dating life than you think. For one thing, it’s normal (and smart) to ask yourself why you might be wondering whether it’s the right choice in the first place.

Is it because you’re understandably nervous about asking good friends to accept something new about you and your life? Or is it because you’re not sure how trustworthy and accepting some of your friends are in the first place?

If it’s the latter, the first step should really be to rethink your social circle. Whether you’re sugar dating or not, you deserve friends who are loving, accepting, and open-minded – people you feel you can count on to have your back no matter what. If your current friends don’t fit the bill, you might be overdue for a change.

Be open and honest about your choice

Sugar dating may feel different from the old dating life you used to live, but your love life still has more in common with your friends’ love lives than you probably think. And your friends are as eager to hear your sugar stories as you are to hear them dish about everything going on in their relationships.

So don’t be afraid to open up and share. Tell them about the daddy you’re dating. Go ahead and gush over what he’s like and how well he treats you. Dish about your dream date and vent about your dating horror stories, if you have them. In other words, get used to simply talking about your love life like it’s completely normal, because that’s exactly what it is.

Be prepared to answer questions

Chances are your friends are going to have a lot of questions about sugaring, as friends do when they’re exposed to something new and exciting. Answer them thoroughly and patiently, even if they get a little repetitive. Keep in mind that while many people have heard of sugar dating, they don’t really know the details of what it’s really about.

And be prepared to be more patient with friends who have a harder time getting their heads around the idea of sugaring. Many people still harbor a lot of out-of-date ideas about what it means to be a sugar baby or have a sugar daddy. It will be up to you to challenge that thinking and help your friends develop a more realistic idea of what you do.

Be prepared to help sugar-curious friends get started

Eventually, the questioning phase of introducing your friends to your sugar life will be over, as will all the explanations. They’ll get used to the fact that you’re a sugar baby, and it will simply be one more thing they take for granted, just as they do the friend who’s married with kids or the friend with the unusual high-powered career.

But you can bet that the more some of your friends think about it and see how happy you’ve become since diving into the sugar bowl, the more they’ll wonder whether they shouldn’t start sugaring, too. So, you’ll want to be prepared to take sugar-curious friends under your wing and show them the ropes if they do decide to try it out for themselves.

Maybe your daddy has a friend who’s perfect for your friend, or perhaps your friend just needs help setting up an online sugar dating profile that will help her get the results she’s after. Whatever the case may be, there’s nothing like having another sugar baby in your life who can help you get oriented. You’ll both love it!