With more people raising their standards regarding what they expect from their dating life, sugaring is an increasingly popular alternative. It’s not hard to see why, either. After a lifetime of dealing with other people’s drama, games, and unspoken expectations, the honesty and forthrightness that characterize sugar dating are like a breath of fresh air.

But not everyone who wants in on the sugar dating scene really deserves to be there, and that goes for the daddies just as surely as it does the babies. Every smart sugar baby needs to know how to spot a salt daddy sooner rather than later so she can focus her attention on finding the sweet sugar daddy she deserves. Here are some common signs to be aware of.

He sounds too good to be true.

There are sugar daddies out there who are truly absolute prizes. However, they don’t just look good on paper. They measure up in reality without raising any red flags in the process. They’re forthcoming, they’re honest, and they back up their promises with actions.

On the other hand, a salt daddy sounds too good to be true on a level that will probably tingle your Spidey senses. He agrees a little too readily with everything you suggest. There may also be things about him that don’t stand up to close scrutiny. If that’s the case, you might have a scammer on your hands and should keep it moving. Always trust your gut when it comes to sugaring.

He’s a flake.

Good sugar daddies won’t play those same tired games you’re used to experiencing at the hands of ordinary men. They won’t make promises they don’t keep. They won’t waste your time by scheduling dates only to stand you up, sometimes multiple times and always at the last minute. They know how important their word is, and they take it seriously.

So, ask yourself some questions about the would-be sugar daddy you’re considering. Does he run hot and cold? Are you never sure you can believe what he says? Does he make a habit of canceling plans, with or without “good” excuses? If so, you’re likely dealing with a salt daddy who’s not worth your time.

He seems allergic to public places.

Sugar daddies who are worth your time know how sugaring works, so they understand how important safety is. They understand why a new prospective sugar baby will want to stick to public meetings until she gets to know them. Trust takes time, effort, and patience to establish, especially when someone’s been through the wringer in their past dating life.

Watch out for sugar daddies who try to insist on meeting privately. Even if a given daddy is allegedly someone very famous or important, there are plenty of ways to make safe public meetings feel incredibly intimate. Legitimate sugar daddies will be well aware of this, so be wary of anyone who makes a big issue out of it.

He makes you do all the work.

Again, sugar relationships aren’t like the tiresome, one-sided relationships you might be used to… or at least they shouldn’t be. Good sugar daddies want to be loved and treated well, but they know that’s a two-way street. They positively delight in spoiling their sugar babies rotten for that reason. In other words, a sugar daddy who’s worth your time isn’t going to sit back while expecting you to do all the heavy lifting in the relationship.

Traveling is just one excellent example to be on the lookout for early on. When you meet most of your potential sugar daddies online first, it makes sense that some light traveling might be required for you to meet. Genuine sugar daddies are gentlemen, though. Most will go out of their way to meet you on your home turf first. They won’t insist on you driving long distances or flying out to meet them instead, especially at your own expense and inconvenience.

Choose where to do your sugaring with care.

Ask any sugar baby who’s been sugaring for long, and she’ll tell you. There are many scam artists out there looking to take advantage of a new, inexperienced, or naïve sugar baby who doesn’t know the shot yet. They’re hoping she won’t know her true worth or truly understand what she has a right to expect from a potential daddy… or at least not until it’s too late.

However, although it’s always important to vet your prospects with care, sugaring is much easier when you choose the right platforms for meeting your daddies. Stick to options where security, safety, and user experience are top priorities – especially those that carefully screen their members for quality, so you don’t have to. Then, you’ll be able to spend a lot more time living that sweet sugar life instead of forever shoveling your way through the salt.