It goes without saying that online sugaring is definitely where it’s at when it comes to meeting some truly amazing potential partners. It lets you meet fantastic people on your own terms, even if you’re super busy in your offline life. Plus, it makes evaluating potential real-world dates fun, simple, and practical.

But one issue many online sugar daters run into sooner or later is the fact that online chemistry doesn’t always translate effortlessly into offline chemistry. It doesn’t necessarily mean that chemistry isn’t still there, but it does mean it might take some extra effort to bring it out. Here are some tips for dealing with that first awkward sugar date.

Turn on that megawatt smile

Nothing puts a shy or quiet sugar daddy at ease quite like being on the receiving end of a young, beautiful sugar baby’s best and brightest smile. A smile helps put the other person at ease by assuring them you’re happy to be in their company and eager to make their acquaintance.

Smiling can help you feel more at ease with any awkwardness if you’re nervous, as well. Don’t be afraid to use your smile to your advantage, turn on the charm, and break the ice. With any luck, it won’t be long before the conversation’s flowing as freely between you as it did online.

Be generous with the compliments

No one who’s ever received a compliment needs to be told how great they make you feel. One that’s well-timed and comes from a sugar date you’re eager (but nervous) to meet can really take the edge off any awkward feelings, so don’t be afraid to be generous with the compliments.

The only requirement here is that you pay a compliment that’s sincere, as most sugar daters can spot a lie or a fake statement at twenty paces. Your sugar date is bound to look absolutely great, as most sugar daters are snappy dressers and very well-groomed. Just pick a standout feature or style choice, and compliment away.

Remember dating is supposed to be fun

We get it. You’re totally ready to meet the sugar daddy of your dreams and start that wonderful journey toward the bright future you’ve been dreaming about. And when you think you might have met someone special, it’s all too easy to put a lot of pressure on that first meet-up. But it’s important not to take things too seriously.

Remember, a first sugar date is just a first date – something you’ve probably done lots of times before. It’s also an opportunity to have a blast getting to know someone who seems pretty cool, so just relax, let the evening unfold naturally, and go with the flow.

Know how to navigate complicated topics

Most sugar babies are whip-smart and capable of conversing like a boss on a wide variety of intellectual topics. But more babies than you think secretly fear winding up in a conversation about a topic they feel is way over their heads, so you’re not alone if you do, too. The key to success here is not to sweat it and to know how to survive that sort of conversation while keeping awkwardness to a minimum.

Don’t try to play it off if you don’t understand a topic, because all that does is lead to more awkwardness. Instead, keep the conversation moving by asking your date facilitating questions. Admit you don’t know much about the topic, but tell them you find it fascinating before asking them to tell you more about it. Then welcome the opportunity to learn something new.

Going this route diffuses any first sugar date awkward feelings on several levels. It removes the pressure from you to fake having knowledge when you don’t. And it gives your sugar date an opportunity to not only talk about something they’re passionate about, but teach someone else a thing or two about it, as well. A win-win for both of you!

Channel your natural curiosity

Remember, the whole reason you agreed to a first date with this particular person was a genuine sense of curiosity about who they are and a desire to get to know them better. Don’t let any nerves or first-date jitters stand in the way of indulging that curiosity, because it’s the key to keeping things flowing between the two of you.

Actively listen to your date when they talk, and ask open-ended follow-up questions about the points you’d like to know more about. Be your honest, sparkling self when it’s your turn to talk, and don’t worry about coming across a certain way. Remember, your date wanted to meet you and be here with you just as badly as you wanted to meet them. Trust that you’re enough as you are.

Ultimately, first-date awkwardness can happen to anyone, even in the sugar bowl. The key is not to sweat it too much and be willing to go with the flow. Awkwardness is usually temporary and has a way of working itself out.