When a lot of people think of a sugar baby living the good life on the arm of a well-to-do sugar daddy, they think of someone in a big, well-populated metropolitan area. After all, that’s where the world’s real movers and shakers are, right? And this may even be true to some extent.

Many women interested in sugaring or otherwise experiencing the best life has to offer do prefer to live in or near big cities for several reasons. Not only are there more men with sugar daddy potential who live there, but bigger cities are cultural centers, as well – places with a lot to do, experience, and explore.

But this doesn’t necessarily mean sugaring is off the table if you live in a small town and aren’t interested in permanently relocating. There are even certain advantages to being a small-town sugar baby. However, you’ll just need to be a little more creative about your approach.

Use the internet wisely

Regardless of where she lives, the internet is a modern sugar baby’s best friend. Sugar daddies are busy guys who may not have the time to attend endless parties and social functions solely for the purpose of meeting potential partners. A reliable sugar dating site, on the other hand, allows them to meet potential sugar babies on their own terms when it’s convenient for them, and it can do the same for you.

But don’t make the mistake of thinking sugar relationships that exist entirely online are the best way to overcome a potential geographic challenge. Although such relationships are a legitimate thing people do, there’s also a lot of room to wind up scammed, so proceed with caution.

Leverage your locational advantages

Although you may not find as many sugar daddies in the vicinity of a very small town, that doesn’t mean they’re not out there. And yes, you can potentially meet them online. But when you’re a small-town sugar baby, it also pays to know the best places to meet potential daddies in person within smaller communities.

Participate in community events and get involved in ways that let you rub elbows with mentors, influential citizens, and public figures in your town. Signing up for classes and activities that tend to attract older, more affluent people is also a good idea. Think ballroom dancing, art appreciation, golf, and tennis are just a few examples.

Spend more time in nearby cities

Many small towns and suburbs are within spitting distance of at least a few bigger cities. These cities don’t necessarily have to be major metropolitan cultural centers like New York City, Los Angeles, or Chicago. But they do need to be urban enough to offer cultural value, professional opportunities, and other benefits that attract high-quality sugar daddies.

It’s beneficial for any small-town sugar baby to start spending more time in places like these. Not only does that give you more opportunity to cross paths with a potential sugar daddy, but it will also give you some exposure to activities and places you’ll likely be spending a lot of time with once you start actively sugar dating.

Have a plan when visiting out-of-town daddies

Unless you do decide to stick to dating local sugar daddies, you’ll likely need to embrace the idea of traveling out of town to meet up with potential dates at some point. For safety’s sake, you never want to travel to a strange city without a plan for looking after yourself and seeing to your own accommodations, even if the potential daddy you’re visiting offers to handle it all for you.

If you know relatives, friends, or other sugar babies who live there, arrange to stay with them if you’ll be visiting a daddy, you don’t already know or have an established relationship with. Choose safe meet-up locations like cultural events, restaurants, or other public spaces. Always let someone back home know where you’re going to be, as well.

Be open to possibilities

If you don’t actually know people you can visit or stay within the city, consider making routine visits to the city a part of your life for other reasons. Try indulging your love for shopping, eating out, or getting beauty treatments there instead of at the local malls and hangouts you’re used to. Get used to commuting up there and finding your way around once you’ve arrived.

Many small-town sugar babies eventually apply for jobs in the city or otherwise put down personal routes there, as well – even if it means commuting back and forth. Ultimately, you don’t have to leave your small hometown and all the loved ones who live there behind to start sugaring. But you likely will need to develop a more cosmopolitan side to your personality, lifestyle, and ongoing routine.