So, you’ve been living life in the sugar bowl for a while now. You’ve learned your way around the best sugaring sites, mastered the art of evaluating new dating prospects, and maybe even enjoyed an arrangement or two from start to finish. You’re feeling pretty good about where you’re at right now, and with good reason. Sugaring is fun but challenging, so it’s a real accomplishment to get it right.

Only now, there’s a new idea you’ve been considering. If one sugar daddy is good, wouldn’t two or more be even sweeter than that? You’re pretty sure you can handle it, but is it actually a good idea or one you’re better off simply fantasizing about? Here’s a look at what to consider before going ahead.

Make sure you know what you’re getting into.

Although maintaining more than one relationship at a time sounds like a dream come true to many people, it’s a lot harder than you think it will be. This is doubly the case if you’re a sugar dater. Sugar daddies are busy, successful, high-value men who are larger than life in every way.

Fantasizing about having two or more of them at your feet at once is one thing, but managing such a situation successfully is another. Struggling to meet two sets of demands for two men who are potentially very different from one another isn’t easy. But if you do think you’re up for the challenge, it’s essential to make sure you do it right to avoid any potential trouble.

Be open and honest about what you’re doing.

Resist the urge to try to hide any of your daddies from the others. No matter how slick you are, one of them will figure out what’s going on, and you’re going to wish you were just honest with everyone involved from the get-go. After all, there’s really no reason not to be.

To begin with, anything goes when it comes to dating these days. Plenty of people, both in and out of the sugar bowl, date more than one person at a time. Some identify as polyamorous and are simply wired to prefer living life that way, but others just like the fun and freedom that comes with loving more than one person at a time.

Plus, what sets sugar dating apart from traditional dating in the first place is the strong emphasis on honesty and forthrightness. So don’t date one daddy behind another daddy’s back. Be upfront about what you want to do and why. However, you should also be prepared for the fact that one or more of your daddies might want to see other sugar babies, too. It’s only fair.

Become a master communicator.

Communication is truly the key to having the relationships you want in life, especially when you’re into sugar dating. Remember, you made this change in the first place because you were tired of all the games and drama, and it’s likely any daddies you might date had the same motivations. So yes, it’s important to anticipate any possible miscommunications before they happen.

If you decide to try a multi-relationship approach to sugar dating, tell dating prospects that right upfront so they know what they’re signing up for. Set ground rules with all your partners, including as far as what they do and don’t want to know about your other relationships. Then respect those rules moving forward. Share information when you know you should, and if your feelings about anything or anyone change, be honest and talk it out right away.

Schedule your time carefully.

Juggling multiple sugar daddies is honestly a lot like juggling multiple jobs. You need to be really careful about scheduling. The key is never to let any of your daddies feel like he’s not a top priority. When you’re with someone, he should always feel like the only person on the planet, so be very careful about spreading yourself too thin.

If you don’t already keep a bona fide schedule, it’s time to start. Be honest about when you are and aren’t free. Be organized and adopt a “no matter what” approach to keeping appointments. And be willing to go the extra mile to make enough room in your schedule for each daddy to feel satisfied with what he’s getting. If you can’t do that, then juggling multiple daddies isn’t for you.

So yes, maintaining multiple sugar relationships at a time is possible, and there are many experienced babies out there who do it well. But it’s definitely not for everybody, so don’t be afraid to scale back if you find yourself struggling to keep your facts straight or keep all the obligations on your social calendar.

A good sugar baby knows her limits and boundaries. She also knows when to reevaluate them, so don’t forget to be honest with yourself when something isn’t working out. It’s the best way to keep your sugar life honey sweet.