The sugar bowl is a whole new world compared to the traditional dating scene, so it only stands to reason that there’s a lot to get used to when you’re a brand new sugar baby. After all, it’s not just the relationships that are different. The dating rules and going social standards are different, too.

It’s also important to be aware that while the sugar bowl is indeed a wonderful place, it can sometimes attract wannabes and scam artists hoping to take advantage of people who haven’t yet learned how to spot a fake quickly. For that reason, you must be careful with your personal information when scoping out new sugar daddies.

Thankfully, scammers and fakes are the exceptions rather than the rule when you’re sugar dating, but knowing how to protect yourself is crucial all the same. After all, it only takes one wily scammer to cause you a heap of trouble. Here’s what you need to know to stay safe.

What You Can Share and When

It’s not always easy to know what information is too much to share when you’re getting to know someone new. Naturally, you want to help a promising, new connection grow, and that’s hard to do without telling the other person anything about yourself. But you want to stay safe, too. Here are some examples of details it’s generally okay to share.

Your Name

Whether or not to share your real name with a potential sugar daddy is entirely up to you. Many sugar babies do use pseudonyms, but it’s more because they want to maintain their privacy for personal reasons. Then, once trust has been established, they might share their real names. However, it’s generally not too risky to share only your name, so do what feels right to you.

Your School or Workplace

As with your name, whether you share this with someone is mostly a matter of preference and personal comfort. However, many sugar babies prefer to err on the side of caution to avoid any potential privacy violations. For instance, you can tell a potential sugar daddy your field of study or business in the interest of opening up, but save the details of where you work or study until they’ve earned your trust.

Your Home Address

Sharing your address probably won’t pose much of a risk for identity theft, but it could present a privacy issue, so be careful. Keep in mind that someone who knows your home address will always have a way to reach you, whether you’re okay with that or not. So consider holding it back until you know you can trust the other person. Get a post office box to give out to people who want a way to send you things in the mail.

What Not to Share with Anyone Ever

Of course, there’s some information that there’s really no reason to share, especially in the beginning stages of a sugar relationship when you don’t yet know each other well. If someone asks you for any of the following information, especially when they barely know you, be on your guard.

Bank Information

Of course, whether your bank account number and routing number are truly private is probably debatable. After all, any establishment to whom you’ve written a check can easily see those. But it’s still not information you want to hand to someone you don’t know, especially if they might have unsavory reasons for wanting it in the first place. If someone needs or wants to send you money for anything, use a middle man like PayPal, Venmo, or CashApp instead.

ID Number

There is no good reason anyone you’re dating, in the sugar bowl or anywhere else, should need this information from you. There are plenty of ways to let someone get to know you or to show you’re the real deal without literally giving out the number attached to your government-issued ID. Be careful of anyone who insists on your doing it anyway.

Social Security Number

As with the ID number, no. Absolutely not. There’s no reason someone you’re dating should need this information, and you’re putting yourself at serious risk for identity theft if you give it out anyway. In fact, if someone asks for this sort of information at all, it’s a red flag that should definitely make you rethink that connection.

It’s okay for someone to want to get to know you. But no one is entitled to private information about yourself that you aren’t comfortable giving. Part of the beauty of sugar dating is the way it empowers people to find and enjoy the type of love they really want. That means there’s no room for connections that make you feel violated or intruded upon in any way.