Contrary to popular belief, sugar arrangements aren’t all about money. However, mutual spoiling is almost always a key component in these very real relationships. The sugar baby brings love, companionship, and unconditional support to a sugar daddy’s life, and in return, he uses the means he has at his disposal to spoil her rotten.

One thing an affluent sugar daddy might want to do for his sugar baby, to show her how much he cares for her, is offer to help her out with housing (if that’s something she even needs or might want). But how good an idea is it to let someone you’re dating help you with something like that? Let’s go over what you need to consider to make a sound decision.

Property is a good investment for a sugar daddy

It’s not uncommon for wealthy men to invest some of what they have in tangible assets like real estate, so many sugar daddies already own several properties. It’s also usual for people who own more properties than they’re currently using themselves to rent them out to friends and loved ones (or otherwise allow them to stay there).

That said, it makes sense for a sugar daddy who knows his sugar baby needs a place to live to offer her one of his own properties, especially if the relationship is too new to discuss moving in together. However, a more independent sugar baby may not be comfortable with that idea for her own reasons.

Nail down the living arrangements upfront

If you do feel comfortable setting up house in a property your sugar daddy owns or otherwise pays for, make sure you hammer out the details of the living arrangements the same way you likely did everything else about your arrangement before moving forward. As a sugar baby it’s crucial to fully understand what you’re getting into before making any long-term decisions about something as important as housing.

Are you going to be the only one living here, or does your sugar daddy also expect to stay there, at least occasionally? Whose name will be on the utility bills and other services? How will your sugar daddy be thinking of this place if you’re living here? Will he see it as truly your place, or does he see it as his place – a place he’s simply letting you stay?

Make sure you also go over the finances

While it’s great if someone you care about and trust has the means and the inclination to help you out with housing, don’t simply assume your sugar daddy will be paying for anything (or let him assume that). There are lots of ways an arrangement like this can go down, and it’s vital that everyone involved is comfortable with the final decision.

Is your daddy going to be renting the place to you, or are you going to be living there free of charge? Will he be covering all your living expenses as a sugar baby – like bills, food, and other essentials – or just housing? How would you personally prefer these responsibilities be handled should you go ahead with accepting your daddy’s offer?

Go over what happens if you break up

While it would be nice to assume that your current sugar daddy and you will eventually live happily ever after, it goes without saying that that’s not what happens in the vast majority of relationships. Most relationships – whether they’re sugar relationships or not – eventually run their course, and the odds are that will happen in your current relationship, too.

So what’s the plan when and if that does happen? Will your arrangement simply shift to a more traditional landlord/renter relationship with you paying rent, covering all your utilities, and so forth? If you’d move out instead, how long would you have to find another place to live? Set all those details in stone and get them in writing right from the get-go, so there are no misunderstandings later.

So should sugar baby let her daddy pay for housing?

Ultimately, sugar relationships really aren’t any different from other relationships as far as how they work. People who care about (or even love) one another help each other out however they can. And when one partner brings a lot of money or other resources to the table (like property), it’s natural and normal for that person to want to help the other partner with concerns like housing.

Whether or not it’s a good idea depends mainly on what feels right to you. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to support yourself fully, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to let your sugar daddy spoil you a little, either. As long as you, as a sugar baby, cover all your bases and think things through beforehand, there’s no real reason not to let your daddy set you up with housing. Most daddies simply care about their sugar babies, and this is one way to show it.