The internet is a would-be sugar baby’s best friend to the same extent it is anyone else’s. Online dating opens a busy, discriminating dater’s world right up in all the right ways. Not only can you browse prospective sugar daddies on your own terms whenever you have time, but it’s easier to narrow down your selection to the types of people you’re most interested in.

Learning to chat like a pro is a big part of getting what you really want out of sugar dating online. However, it’s just as important to know what not to do when you’re chatting up a really promising daddy. Are you guilty of any of these common sugar messaging mistakes?

Being Too Direct Too Soon

When you’re chatting up a potential sugar daddy via a sugar dating site, it goes without saying that the two of you know where things are headed if all goes well. You’ll chat for a while to determine whether there’s a connection and start getting to know one another. Then you’ll meet up in person and eventually discuss an arrangement if you continue to connect.

And yes, sugar dating is best when it’s done honestly and directly. But being too direct too soon can ruin the magical process of getting to know one another. It can also be interpreted as super rude, so it’s best not to rush things.

Terrible Writing Skills

A casual “getting to know you” sugar message isn’t exactly a college-level English test, so you don’t necessarily have to be a world-class writer and grammarian to make a good impression on a prospective daddy. But remember that most sugar daddies are educated, well-spoken sorts in search of eloquent, intelligent sugar babies who can at least string a sentence together.

So definitely take a little pride in how you communicate via chat or text. Avoid using text speak and pay attention to your spelling and grammar. If you tend to have trouble with spelling or grammar as a rule, consider installing a program like Grammarly on your computer or phone to help you spot mistakes before hitting send.

Fudging the Truth

Although no one likes being lied to by a potential date, dishonesty is about as close as you can get to a hanging offense in the sugar bowl. Most people embrace sugaring in the first place because they’re sick and tired of all the games traditional daters play with other people, so they’re not going to appreciate experiencing it in the sugar bowl.

Plus, even innocent fibs have a way of eventually coming out and causing problems that ruin an otherwise wonderful potential connection. Avoid the temptation to tell even little white lies in an attempt to make a better impression over chat. You can’t fully embrace the process of getting to know another person unless you’re honest.

Chatting With Too Few People

Even experienced sugar messaging masters tend to make this extremely common mistake. They usually start out just fine, talking to a variety of different people with dating potential. Then one person starts to stand apart from the rest in a super appealing way. That’s when everything takes a sharp turn to the left, especially for sugar babies.

Avoid putting all your eggs in one sugar basket too soon. Until one of your sugar connections grows into an established exclusive relationship, it’s important to continue exploring connections with other daddies. Keep browsing profiles, chatting up solid prospects, and meeting up with those who seem extra promising.

Forgetting the Details

No one likes giving their time to someone who can’t be bothered to remember the basics about who they are and what they’re into. Not only does it make you feel unimportant, but it naturally makes you question how into you the other person is. Plus, it makes a person wonder just how many other prospects someone might have on the hook.

That said, you’re naturally not superhuman. Anyone can have a particular detail slip their mind, especially when they are talking to several different people. But it comes across as super rude and can ruin a prospective daddy’s impression of you. So, make it a point to remember the essential things your sugar chat partners tell you.

And it should also go without saying that you don’t want to mix up the things different daddies might tell you about themselves. You need to keep these details straight, so do whatever you need to in order to stay organized, up to and including actually taking notes.

Ultimately, sugar dating is just like anything else worth doing in life in that you get out of it what you put in. A great sugar chatter who puts effort into their conversations stands out in all the right ways, so make sure you always go the extra mile.