When you’re fresh out of a long-term relationship, it’s natural, normal, and healthy to be asking yourself a few questions about what you really want out of your love life. And if you feel like you’ve been unhappy with too many individual experiences in a row, it’s also normal to be wondering whether it’s time to adopt a completely different approach to dating altogether.

When you’ve been burned a few too many times by traditional dating experiences, sugar dating can look like the ideal alternative, and with good reason. Experienced sugardaddies and sugarbabies swear sugaring changed their lives and outlook on love thanks to its strong focus on honesty and clear communication. But here are a few more questions to ask yourself as you contemplate whether sugar dating is for you.

How do you feel about keeping your options open?

There’s a lot to be said for traditional dating if you’re hoping to find that “forever love” sometime soon. Most traditional daters are looking for the same thing – someone to build a life, have children, and grow old with. They may well be interested in dating more casually at first, but the ultimate goal is usually to settle down and commit to one person eventually when the time (and the person) is right.

But while the idea of committing to just one person sounds like bliss to one person, it can feel uncomfortably restrictive to another. What if you like the idea of keeping your options open almost indefinitely? What if you’re looking for something that offers you the best of both worlds – the companionship that relationships bring to the table combined with the freedom of the single life?

Sugaring can provide that balance to people who love having someone to share their life, interests, and free time with but who also really want to retain their autonomy. It’s not uncommon for sugar relationships to turn into long term relationships and even marriages due to how honest these relationships are and the mutual spoiling that’s the foundation of sugar relationships. But most sugar relationships are more casual. Sugar daters get to explore as many connections at a time as they like, openly and free from the drama that might come with the territory in traditional dating.

Do you often wonder why people can’t just be honest with those they date?

Nearly everyone out there on the dating market claims to be looking for someone honest – someone who’s willing to be upfront and forthright with the people they date. And they may even believe that’s how they really feel. But long-standing social codes dictate that it’s gauche and unacceptable to indeed be honest about certain things.

For instance, what if you’re a guy looking for a female partner who’s a perfect ten in the looks department? Or a girl who thinks it’s imperative that her partner be educated, successful, and financially secure? Even though these are perfectly normal things to want in a partner – as well as things most people do want — it’s socially unacceptable to come right out and admit it.

So, people keep mum about their real needs and preferences. Instead, they tell prospective partners what they want to hear to get them into a relationship, hoping that they’ll be able to change the rules at a later date. Then they wonder why things wind up going so horribly wrong and ending so badly under such painful circumstances.

Sugar dating is for people who are truly tired of wasting their time playing the same old games. It’s for people who think adults should be able to be unflinchingly honest about what they do and don’t want in a relationship, right from the get-go. Sugar daters believe in putting the fun back into dating and letting relationships evolve organically without all the unspoken expectations. They also believe in ending things maturely and amicably if a relationship eventually runs its course, as well.

Have you been longing to try something different for a while now?

Many people who try sugar dating on for size and decide to make the switch a permanent one describes it as a breath of fresh air. The honesty, maturity, and high emphasis placed on value in a chosen partner are what they’d always wanted from the traditional dating scene but never found. And sugaring was representative of a change they’d wanted for a long time.

So how do you feel about completely overhauling your approach to dating? If traditional dating has simply never felt like a fit on any level, it could be that it’s truly not for you, especially if you’ve always longed for more transparency and maturity in your relationships.

Sugaring may be the fresh start you’ve always wanted, and there’s really no harm in giving it a try if you think that might be the case. You just may find that you were born to live that sweet sugar life all along.