At this point, it’s safe to say that online and app-based sugar dating is more than just a great alternative to meeting potential sugar partners the old-fashioned way. It’s become most sugar daters’ go-to way to meet new people to date, especially if they lead busy or fast-paced lives, in general.

But without your sparkling real-world presence to enchant any potential sugar daddies you have your eye on, your sugar profile photos become critically important when it comes to capturing the right person’s interest. Here’s a closer look at how you can ensure yours really make the grade and hit all the right notes.

Avoid making the wrong impression

Sugar daddies are already discriminate people, so they’re looking for sugar babies who are everything they want in a woman. And they will absolutely be looking for clues that you’re the right (or wrong) fit for them not only in your bio but in your sugar profile photos, as well.

Bathroom selfies that reveal spots on the mirror or piles of dirty laundry in the background can give a daddy the impression you’re less than cleanly. And overly sexy photos can lead him to believe you’re not the classy partner he’s looking for. So, while it’s fine to express yourself in your photos and let your personality show, you also want to consider the messages you might be sending with certain choices.

Know how to frame your photos

Composition is one of the key elements that can absolutely make or break a photo, so it’s worth developing your instincts in this regard. Start by knowing your best angles. Do you have a good side? What about colors, expressions, and poses that suit you especially well? Use what you know about how you photograph best to capture great profile shots that turn heads.

The rest of what goes into perfectly framed photo shots can be worked out in post-editing. Crop or edit out anything distracting that really shouldn’t have been in the shot in the first place. Make sure the final composition shines the spotlight on you and your beauty. Ideally, you take up most (if not all) of the room in the shot.

Pay close attention to your lighting

Lighting is everything when it comes to great photos. Great lighting can make even the simplest selfies look like they were taken by professional, while bad lighting does the exact opposite – makes even the most beautiful subject look tired and haggard.

For the best possible results, try to take your photos in natural lighting, as there’s really nothing better or more flattering. When natural lighting isn’t available, opt for a broad light source placed close to you. Take care that there aren’t too many harsh shadows being cast, as well as that you aren’t too washed out.

Know how not to pose for a photo

Ideally, your sugar profile should include a good, solid mix of different photo shots that should collectively give someone a really good idea of what you really look like. That means include at least one full body shot. You should also include various shots of you sporting different looks, including “dressed to the nines” and “effortlessly cool.”

And be aware of common mistakes many unwitting sugar daters make without knowing it. Avoid covering up your eyes in any of the shots. That means no sunglass shots or coy snaps of you with your hands concealing your face. Do smile, as well as show teeth, but don’t include pics of you pulling a full-on cackling laugh. That’s just more of a good thing than anyone wants to see.

Use signaling in your favor

Anytime you post a picture online, people are going to be sizing you up based on everything they can see within the frame, but this goes double for profile photos on sugar dating websites.

Naturally, this means onlookers will be scrutinizing your clothing choices, your posture, your facial expression, and just about everything else about how you look. But that’s not all. Every person who looks at your photos will be looking over your shoulder and scrutinizing anything they can see in the background, as well.

However, you can use this in your favor by ensuring everything that makes it into your photo sends a positive signal about your personality, lifestyle, or value system. Eliminate anything unsightly or embarrassing, but don’t be afraid to “accidentally on purpose” leave favorable things subtly visible, either.

When you’re evaluating a potential sugar daddy over the internet, you go over his profile and photos with a fine-toothed comb to make sure he’s worth it, right? Well, potential daddies are merely doing the same when considering you – ensuring that you’re truly as wonderful as you seem to be. All you need to do is show them that you are.