When most people think of sugar daddies, certain traits come immediately to mind. For instance, they typically picture a man who’s older and more experienced. They also think of someone distinguished, successful, financially secure, and appreciative of the finer things in life. However, while many high-quality sugar daddies do have those qualities, those aren’t the only ones an aspiring sugar baby should be looking for in her next partner.

The thing is, most sugar daddies are going to be successful people who’ve managed to set themselves apart from the pack. But the ones genuinely worth giving your heart to also have qualities like the following. Does the daddy you’re currently considering fit the bill?

He’s got an incredible character.

An ideal sugar daddy isn’t just sweet on the outside. His appeal extends to his commendable character, as well. A well-developed character is a rather tricky thing to define, but you tend to know one right away when you see it. People with character know that pretty words are meaningless if they don’t also walk the walk. These are folks you can count on to act with honesty and integrity, even when no one is looking, as that’s simply who they are.

Although some people develop character naturally over the years, others need to put in a little more effort to finetune theirs. There’s no one right way a person comes by character, but it’s an essential quality in any good partner regardless, especially a sugar daddy.

He’s kind and supportive.

Some people who are unfamiliar with sugar dating may think of sugar daddies as detached, unfeeling partners who treat their sugar babies more like trophies or possessions than people. However, while there may well be daddies out there who behave that way, they’re not the going standard by any means. Ideal sugar daddies may well be dashing or macho on the outside, but deep down, they’re also good guys with hearts of gold.

The sugar daddy for you won’t just expect you to love and support him. He’ll return the favor many times over. He’s someone who treats you like an equal in every sense of the word. Yes, he freely shares what he has with you. However, he also understands that you have ambitions, dreams, and goals of your own. Whatever you want to be, become, or do with your life, he’s always right there behind you, cheering you on and helping you however he can.

You can count on him no matter what.

One of the most important qualities any man can have is reliability, but it’s essential in a sugar daddy. Worthwhile sugar babies are not ordinary women. Not only are they several cuts above average in every way, but many come to sugar dating after growing frustrated with the immaturity and selfishness they’ve seen in far too many past partners.

An ideal sugar daddy brings none of that drama into his relationships with him. He’s considerate of his sugar baby’s feelings, but he’s also stainlessly honest. He says what he means, and he means what he says. He’s also there for his sugar baby in every way she needs him to be and keeps the promises he makes. She knows she can count on him to take care of her and ensure she has everything she could possibly need.

He’s attentive and polite.

These days, so many people aren’t truly present when they spend time with friends and loved ones in person. Yes, they’re there physically. But they’re also perpetually distracted. They flick through their phones while ignoring those around them. Instead of actively listening and engaging with the other person, they’re frequently only waiting for their turn to talk. And when such people do give a conversation their full attention, they dominate it and make it all about them.

An ideal sugar daddy would never dream of behaving this way when with anyone important, least of all his sugar baby. He gives her his full, undivided attention and never makes her feel unheard or unappreciated. He’s also incredibly thoughtful in ways that show. Maybe he always remembers her birthday or makes it a point to give her bouquets of her favorite flowers. Or perhaps it’s the way he’s always ready to lend a listening ear or a solid shoulder to lean on.

At the end of the day, life’s too short to spend it with the wrong partner, and a sugar daddy worth your time and attention will know that as well as you do. He wants the dream, too – a loving, mutually fulfilling relationship with a high-quality person he can treat like an equal – and he’s ready to shower the right person with the love, attention, and kindness she deserves. Remember, you’re worth it. Don’t settle for anything less.