Whether you’ve been checking out your options in person or exploring some sweet possibilities online, there’s a fine art to choosing the right sugar daddy, especially when you’re new to the sugar bowl. Most long-time sugar babies can tell you about a time when they naively thought one potential daddy was as good as another. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

First of all, there are a lot of fake sugar daddies out there hoping to take advantage of would-be sugar babies who haven’t learned the ropes yet. Plus, being a great sugar daddy is about a lot more than being successful, wealthy, and affluent. Here’s a rundown of some of the qualities you should be looking for, whether you’re new to the sugar bowl or not.

He does what he says he’ll do.

Great sugar daddies may be well-to-do, affluent, and important in every sense of the word as people. And yes, they’re likely incredibly busy, as well. But a great sugar daddy’s integrity is fundamental to him, so he also understands that his word is his bond. That means he does what he says he’ll do by precisely when he says he’ll do it.

Steer clear of would-be sugar daddies who habitually make plans with you, only to flake on them later. Your daddy shouldn’t need to be reminded of a promise he’s made to you or goaded about following through on time, either. And know that in the event something truly unforeseen occurs, a good sugar daddy makes it up to his baby in spades.

He gives freely of his time and resources.

While no one’s entitled to what someone else has, nobody likes people who are stingy with their time, money, and other resources. If you’ve ever known someone like this, then you also know how bad they can make people feel for ever needing even the slightest bit of kindness from anyone else.

You deserve so much better than that, and if you’re sugar dating, you should also expect to get it, no questions asked. Good sugar daddies are loving, giving, and generous with the people they love. To them, spoiling others and helping them live good lives is part of the whole point of being well off in the first place. So hold out for a daddy who wants to treat you like the sweet, special treasure you are. You deserve it.

He’s a world-class communicator.

Communication is a crucial component in any healthy, happy relationship, and this is no less the case when you’re in a sugar relationship. Great sugar daddies understand this perfectly and work hard to make sure not only that they’re understood but that their partners feel wholly heard, as well. This is especially the case when factors like age gaps may make fluid, mutually satisfying communication more challenging.

That said, don’t waste your time on alleged sugar daddies who don’t care enough to communicate properly. Your sugar daddy should never treat you rudely or make you feel like you’re less than for addressing any concerns you might have. High-quality sugar daddies are also high-quality people, meaning they don’t treat anyone with disrespect, contempt, or coldness. Instead, they’re amiable and patient with everyone around them, whether that’s their partner and friends or the wait staff at a public venue.

He’s a genuinely good companion.

Sugar relationships do differ from traditional relationships in several fundamental ways. For instance, they’re characterized by a level of openness and honesty most people aren’t used to. There isn’t any room for drama, games, or unspoken expectations, either. However, they have some critical elements in common with traditional relationships, as well.

For instance, great sugar relationships come along with the potential for solid companionships to develop. Whether your sugar relationship is casual, serious, or something in between, a good sugar daddy can and should become one of your best friends over time. He’s someone who loves enjoying favorite activities and stimulating conversation with his sugar baby. He inspires her to be her very best self, and she does the same for him in return.

A sugar daddy is more than just someone better to date – someone who’s likely older, more affluent, wiser, and better established than the men you might be used to dating. He’s a world-class human being in every sense of the world. He knows how to exist in the world on a meaningful level, and he loves the experience of sharing everything he has with the important people in his life, his sugar baby included.

In other words, if you’re in a relationship but don’t feel you’re with someone who fits that description, your so-called sugar daddy may not be so sweet after all. The sugar bowl is truly a wonderful place to be, but only if you keep company with other people who deserve to be there as much as you do.