So it’s finally happened. You’ve met a sugar daddy who was everything you’ve been dreaming about. Now you’ve decided to take the plunge and enter into an arrangement, and everything’s going wonderfully so far. You know you’ve found something really special with this particular sugar daddy, as you have a connection that makes you feel like you can tell him anything. However… there are some things sugar babies shouldn’t talk about with sugar daddies

While you might eventually reach that place together as your relationship continues to deepen, you actually do want to exercise more discretion while your connection is still new. Here are a few things to keep off the table until you know each other better.

Too Many Personal Questions

Everybody likes to talk about themselves sometimes. Your sugar daddy is likely no exception, and it’s part of every good sugar baby’s job to show an interest in her daddy and the things he cares about. But it’s also important to exercise discretion as far as how many personal questions you ask your daddy, especially in the beginning. Sugar babies shouldn’t talk about this if they can avoid it.

Every daddy is different when it comes to discretion. Some daddies are definitely open books to whom no topic is off-limits. But others prefer to compartmentalize their lives to at least some extent. So when it comes to personal topics, let your daddy lead the way and bring them up first. At that point, it’s OK to show an interest by following up with additional questions.

Too Much Self Talk

The same “too much of a good thing” possibility should also be considered when talking about yourself. Yes, your daddy wants to get to know you better as your connection deepens. But it’s important not to get carried away and dominate conversations by talking about yourself too much – one of the mistakes nearly ever new sugar baby makes.

Every savvy sugar baby knows to monitor herself when in conversation to make sure she isn’t talking too much or oversharing in a way that might be seen as inappropriate. If you feel you’ve caught yourself doing this, you can always bounce the conversational ball back to your daddy with a polite question or comment.

Financial Complaints

Lots of young people not only have financial issues but talk about them often as a way of bonding with other young people. And there’s really nothing wrong with that. However, it’s important to always consider your audience first and ask yourself whether this is the right person to complain to about your bills and money gripes.

Even though most sugar daddies do like to spoil their babies and help make their lives easier in any way they can, including financially, you don’t want to give a daddy the impression that you expect him to do that. Complaining about your bills, how much your tuition costs, or anything else related to finances could easily give him the wrong impression and sour your connection.

Over-Complaining in General

And speaking of complaints, sugar babies shouldn’t talk about complaints or negativity of any kind when in a brand new sugar relationship. If you’ve ever had a friend, partner, or acquaintance who complains and is negative as a rule, then you already know what a drain it is to be around.

If your wealthy sugar daddy is like most, he leads a busy, high-stress life as it is. He’s likely tired and drained at the end of an average day, and the last thing he wants to hear from his sugar baby is a string of gripes and complaints about her life or any of the people in it. A good sugar baby aims to be a soft, sweet place for her daddy to fall when all is said and done – a haven from all the negativity and stress he experiences elsewhere.

Trendy Jargon and Slang

If you’re like many young women, you probably use your share of trendy slang and buzz phrases when expressing yourself, especially when you’re around your friends and peers. But again, there’s a time and a place for all that, and it’s not during quality time spent with your sugar daddy. Your friends are your friends, but your sugar daddy is someone who should be approached with more care, especially if you’re in a new relationship.

So keep the trendy jargon and text speak off the table when communicating with your daddy. If he’s older, he’s likely to see it as juvenile and immature, if he even knows what you’re talking about in the first place. Stick to sophisticated, mature conversation topics instead, and communicate in a manner that’s equally so.

Sugar dating is similar to conventional dating in that people are generally on their best behavior when getting used to a new relationship. Then, as they get to know each other better, they develop a better idea of what’s appropriate and relax. So always use your best judgment when engaging in sugar conversation. You’ll be glad you did.