Life in the sugar bowl only gets sweeter once you find the right sugardaddy to commit to. Now you’re not just enjoying the openness, honesty, and drama-free dynamics that characterize sugar relationships. You’ve got your very own sugar partner to love, cherish, and dive deeper with. But unfortunately, even sugar relationships aren’t entirely free from challenges.

One of the most common challenges for sugarbabies, in particular, is adjusting to their sugardaddy’s high-powered lifestyle and busy schedule. But how busy is too busy, and what should you do when your daddy just isn’t making enough time for you to keep you happy? Here’s a closer look at what you need to know.

How long has it been going on?

The first order of business is to think about the timeframe. If you’ve been in a relationship for a while, have things always been this way, or is this a new development? Has your sugardaddy made you aware of any extenuating circumstances that might be making it harder than average to make enough time for you?

Naturally, a new relationship will require some adjustment, as will any new developments in your sugardaddy’s business life. But you’re right to be concerned if you feel like your sugardaddy hasn’t been himself, could be trying to distance himself from you, and hasn’t opened up about anything that might be going on. Here are some ideas to try.

Resist the urge to panic.

It’s normal to be worried or even scared if you think a relationship that means a lot to you might be in trouble. You might be wondering if it was something you did. You might be concerned that he’s losing interest. And if you depend on your daddy for much, you’re probably wondering how you’ll get along if he decides he’s done with you.

Regardless of the truth, descending into a vortex of self-doubt and panic never helps. Keep in mind that you’re a sugarbaby – a person of quality who deserves the best in life – and make sure you’re acting like it.

Talk things out like a grown-up.

Of course, if your sugardaddy does have something on his mind that’s causing him to neglect you, he should be adult enough to bring it to you himself. But if he’s not, you might have to bring the topic up for discussion yourself at some point. Just be careful how you approach things.

Ask him about it in a calm manner without being accusatory. He’ll likely apologize to you and attempt to explain why he’s been so busy, possibly before also offering to make it up to you. Give him the benefit of the doubt, stay calm, and ask him if there’s anything you can do to help for good measure.

Don’t accuse him of lying, even if you think you’re right. Don’t get dramatic or push him into a corner, either. There’s no way that will end well for you or your relationship, especially if there are already other issues at play. Instead, see this as a chance to show your daddy how supportive and understanding you can be, and start by giving him the space he needs to work through whatever’s going on.

If you’re not actually committed, then sugar on.

It’s one thing to be 100 percent all-in with one sugardaddy if the two of you have discussed it and agreed that you’re exclusively committed. But be honest with yourself about the actual situation and make sure you’re acting accordingly. Never simply assume the presence of commitment or exclusivity. Doing so is an easy way to wind up hurt, even in the sugar bowl.

If you do realize you’ve been doing that, though, there’s one really easy way to fix it. If you and your daddy aren’t exclusive, you can and should still be talking to other daddies. (In fact, he probably takes it for granted that you already do that.) The ability to play the field is one of the biggest perks of sugar dating, so make sure you’re taking advantage of it if it’s still on the table.

Work on avoiding future scheduling conflicts.

Sometimes a lack of quality time spent together really does boil down to poor scheduling, but that’s easy enough to fix if you work together. When the two of you do make a date, definitely make sure you keep it. If you don’t want your sugardaddy canceling on you, then you should be willing to return the favor and put him first.

Avoid disappointment and last-minute cancellations by confirming with your sugardaddy as your next date gets closer. Fill the rest of your time with meaningful meet-ups with friends, favorite activities you enjoy doing on your own, and so forth. Be available to your sugardaddy, but make the most of the time you spend apart, too. It’s an important part of any sugar life well lived.