Whether you’re already exploring the sugar bowl with enthusiasm or are still weighing your options, it’s essential to thoroughly consider what you hope to get out of the experience before you dive in. Sugar relationships are like other relationships in that it’s vital to know what you want before you commit to any one situation.

It’s not just about knowing what you’re looking for in a potential sugar daddy, either. You’ll also want to consider what kind of sugar baby you really are deep down. Having a clear picture in your head of your particular brand of sugar means knowing what you want, understanding your needs, and being unafraid of asking for both.

Here’s a closer look at the most common possibilities. Do you see yourself in any of the following sugar baby archetypes?

The Protégé Sugar Baby

Protégé sugar babies enjoy being spoiled rotten as much as the next gal, but that’s not the most significant reason they’re interested in sugaring. The protégé sugar baby is an intelligent, driven woman with big dreams who wants to take life by the horns, and she’s looking for a trustworthy partner who can help her do that.

If you’re a protégé sugar baby, you’re looking for a daddy who’s more than just someone to date or to be swept away by. You want someone smart, accomplished, and successful in his own right who can teach you how to walk the same path in your own life. You’re looking to be (and be with) a faithful companion, protector, and partner in every sense of the word, and you won’t settle for less.

The Forever Sugar Baby

Many people who trade in their old dating life to dive into the sugar bowl instead aren’t interested in long-term commitment. They like keeping their options open and feel romance is best when it comes without strings attached. A forever sugar baby is pretty much the exact opposite of that.

If you’re a forever sugar baby, you’re not here in the sugar bowl to date around for the rest of your life. You’re here to meet your Prince Charming – “the one” – and ride off into the sunset together. Not all forever sugar babies necessarily want marriage, kids, and the white picket fence in a traditional sense. But they do want a forever relationship, so they’re looking for serious daddies who are open to the same.

The No-Nonsense Sugar Baby

Unlike forever sugar babies, no-nonsense sugar babies aren’t necessarily the type to wear rose-colored glasses when thinking about their romantic futures. Instead, they’re sensible types who tell it like it is and believe in shooting people straight, and this definitely includes any daddies they might meet in the sugar bowl.

If you’re a no-nonsense sugar baby, you were probably drawn to sugar dating in the first place because there is such a strong focus on bare-bones honesty and mutual respect. You’re tired of the games and the unspoken expectations other guys lay on the women they date. You want someone who isn’t afraid to be straight about what he wants and won’t be intimidated when you do the same.

The Spoil-Me Sugar Baby

It’s OK. In the sugar bowl, it’s more than acceptable to admit you love being spoiled, pampered, and treated like the princess you are. And best of all, there’s no shortage of sugar daddies who’ll be happy to make all your dreams come true. Spoil-me sugar babies have a lot of love to give, and they feel most loved in return when the men in their lives treat them like gold.

If you’re a spoil-me sugar baby, you’re all about grand romantic gestures and elaborate plans. You sincerely appreciate old-fashioned men who go the extra mile to make their ladies feel loved, and you’re more than ready to meet someone who wants to give you all that and more. Spoil-me sugar babies may have serious or casual approaches to sugar dating, but they’re all looking for men who pull out all the stops.

Why Does It Matter, Anyway?

Many sugar babies will fall firmly into one of the above categories, while others might embody a little of more than one. Figuring out your type is less about trying to fit into a little box and more about asking yourself what you really want from your brand-new sugar life. Knowing what you want is the first step down the road to getting it and building the kind of life you know you deserve.

So, ask yourself what you want, as well as what you don’t want. And don’t be afraid to dream big. The sugar bowl is nothing if not a place where a person’s wildest dreams can come true. So why shouldn’t that person be you? After all, you’ve earned it, you deserve it, and you’re worth it.