If you and your friends are like most, you’ve joked in the past about just going out and getting yourself a sugar daddy as a potential solution to the seemingly endless merry-go-round of broke, emotionally immature men out there. But while the idea of being a wealthy, successful man’s sweet, spoiled little sugar baby probably does sound nice, it likely also feels like a dream that’s well out of reach.

But what if it wasn’t? What if you found out that most young, beautiful, intelligent women have what it takes to be a sugar baby, yourself included? How might your ideas about dating change as a result? Here’s a closer look at what being a sugar baby is really like, as well as how it changes a person’s life.

You finally get to date high-quality men

If you’re thoroughly tired of dating guys who turn out to be emotionally stunted man-children with no money, goals, or substance to offer their partners, you’re not alone. And while it can be tempting to assume all men are like that and resign yourself to a lifetime of dating losers, you shouldn’t.

Most sugar babies dove into the sugar bowl in the first place because they wanted better for themselves. They stayed there because they found it in the sugar daddy populace, because sugar daddies aren’t average men. They’re successful, driven, cultured, and charming – men who genuinely enjoy treating their partners like princesses.

You get a true partner in every sense of the word

Relationships worth being in aren’t one-sided, with one partner doing only what they feel like while the other (probably you) struggles to take care of everything else. They’re loving, mutually fulfilling partnerships where both partners give and both receive. Imagine for a moment what it would be like to finally be in such a relationship.

What if you could actually count on your partner to not only support your dreams and goals but to actively help you accomplish them? How might your life change if you knew you could count on your partner not only to pull their weight but to help you pull yours, too, when you need it? That’s what being in a sugar relationship is like.

The whole world opens up for you

Sugar daddies are more than just successful men. They’re generous men who believe in living life to the fullest. They also know that life is just sweeter all around when you’ve got someone special with whom to share what you have. That’s why supportive sugar daddies are positively famous for spoiling their sugar babies absolutely rotten.

The choice to become a sugar baby is an opportunity to experience the very best in life. Most sugar babies get to accompany their daddies on lavish trips around the world, enjoy incredible dinners at the best restaurants, dress in breathtaking designer clothing, and experience the very best in world-class culture. It’s a chance to discover what life can really be like when you don’t have to spend it struggling through underwhelming relationships with immature men who cause more problems than they solve.

Your confidence goes through the roof

Something incredible happens to a young woman when she finally finds herself in a situation where she’s well-loved and treated like the queen that she is. She begins to see herself the way her sugar daddy does – as an incredible creature who deserves to be loved, worshiped, and cherished for everything that she is.

That works wonders for a woman’s confidence. She walks taller, loves herself more, and takes up space in a room much differently than she used to. She sees herself as worthwhile and starts to glow from within, and that’s incredibly attractive to other people. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a woman to become a sugar baby and instantly find every aspect of her life improves, and she’s got her newfound confidence to thank for that.

You can have whatever you want

Sugar relationships as a collective are very diverse, so there’s truly one out there for everyone. If you’re an independent single sugar baby, you’ll find plenty of daddies who are into open relationships or no-strings-attached dating, just like you are. But there are just as many daddies out there looking for someone special to love, commit to, and grow old with.

Whatever it is you always dreamed of finding in a partner or having in a relationship, you can find an extra-sweet version of it in the sugar bowl with the sugar daddy of your dreams. So don’t simply write off the idea of having a sugar daddy as a joke because you think it could never happen to you. Your sweet sugar dream is out there, too, and it can come true anytime you’re ready.