Although there’s definitely nothing wrong with exclusively dating just one sugar daddy, it’s really in your best interest as a sugar baby not to commit to just one person too soon. That’s really only something you should do once you’re positive the sugar daddy on the other end of things is ready to do the same.

A smart sugar baby keeps her options open until a particular sugar daddy proves he deserves to be her one and only. But juggling two or more sugar daddies at a time takes finesse and know-how. Here’s a closer look at how to handle things like a pro.

Know your limits

There are lots of amazing things in life that quickly become stressful and daunting when you’ve got too much of them going on to handle. Work is a great example, as are social commitments. Sugar daddies should really make the list, as well.

Even if you keep your sugar arrangements casual and no-strings-attached as a rule, any arrangement will still demand a certain amount of your time and emotional energy. So be honest with yourself about how many daddies you can realistically manage at once. Start with two and add to that number only if you’re sure you have the bandwidth for it.

Be honest about your situation

Anyone who’s ever dated multiple people at a time needs to decide for themselves just how honest they want to be about it. Generally speaking, most people don’t necessarily come right out and tell everyone they meet up with that they’re already dating X-number of other people. But it’s definitely important to be honest when the topic inevitably comes up.

Keep in mind that most people assume that until they’ve explicitly discussed becoming exclusive with someone, they’re likely still dating other people. And although honesty is definitely a big deal in the sugar bowl, many casual sugar daters prefer a “don’t ask, don’t tell” approach to dating multiple people on either end. But if you’re asked about your situation outright, always tell the truth.

Give every meeting 100 percent

Whether you’re currently seeing one established sugar daddy or ten, this is one rule every good sugar baby abides by, no matter what. People start sugaring because they want and expect more from their dating experiences than you’d typically get with traditional dating. They want to feel special, chosen, adored, and prioritized.

That said, every sugar daddy you’re dating should get your full attention and 100 percent of your adoration whenever you’re interacting with him. This should be the case in person, of course, but it also applies to texting sessions, video chats, and so forth. It’s no less than each of your daddies deserves, as well as the best way to keep them all happy.

Never flake on your sugar dates

Along the same lines of giving each of your daddies your undivided attention when it’s his turn for a piece of it, you also want to adopt a “no matter what” approach to your dates and sugar appointments. Barring a legitimate emergency that requires it, you shouldn’t ever be the one to cancel a sugar date you’ve made.

If you feel like your sugar calendar is getting too full for comfort because there’s just not enough of you to go around, it might be time to thin out your rotation a little bit. Sometimes a particular daddy turns out to be higher maintenance than a sugar baby can handle, and that’s OK. It’s ultimately better to have fewer daddies who are really happy with you than a whole bunch who all feel like they’re not really priorities.

Keep your daddies straight

Sometimes it’s not the time, energy, and emotional requirements attached to juggling multiple sugar daddies that eventually trip a busy sugar baby up. Sometimes it gets so genuinely difficult to keep them all straight that she inevitably confuses one with another, and that’s something you don’t want to do.

Even if all of your daddies are reasonably aware of the fact that you’re dating other people, it’s still important to make each one feel like he’s the only guy in your life who truly matters. When you forget important things he’s told you about his life or – worse – confuse him with another daddy entirely, he’s understandably not going to feel as special as he should.

Ultimately, dating more than one sugar daddy at a time as a rule is the smart way to sugar. It keeps you from prematurely tying up all your options and needlessly missing out on terrific dating opportunities. And it can be a lot of fun, too.

But as with any important obligation in life, it’s important not to bite off more than you can reasonably chew. Remember, sugaring is supposed to be fun. It can quickly become otherwise when you spread yourself too thin and overbook your social schedule.