Whether you’re currently a sugar baby or simply a beautiful young woman who’s thinking of becoming one someday, workplace sugaring opportunities that come via a job or professional opportunity are definitely not uncommon. Depending on your job, you might meet and interact with many eligible, affluent men who’d love a chance to become your sugar daddy.

And you might be tempted to take some of them up on their offers, which is totally your prerogative. But is it actually a good idea, or should you avoid sugaring at the workplace at all costs? Here are a few things every smart sugar baby should consider regarding sugaring on the job before moving forward.

Know the rules at your workplace

Whether you’re an aspiring sugar baby or not, it’s crucial to understand any policies your workplace might have in place as far as dating coworkers, clients, or both. Naturally, it’s prohibited altogether in many offices, and it’s not hard to understand why. But not every workplace is this way.

So always go into any potential sugar arrangement related to your job with your eyes open. Know what the rules are, as well as the penalties for breaking them. And even if there are no rules in place, you should still consider all the possible ways a potential relationship might affect your experience there.

Let him think it’s his idea

If you do decide to let your boss, a colleague, or a client become the latest addition to your sugar daddy line-up, it’s fine to steer the situation in the direction you want it to go. But it’s also a really good idea to let your would-be sugar daddy think he’s actually the one steering the ship.

Always look your very best when you know you’ll be interacting with him. Engage in subtle flirting that gets your point across without being too forward. Plant some seeds that are sure to get him thinking of you in a certain light, but let him make the first official move. Many sugar daddy types love the thrill of the chase, and letting them have that can help encourage interest.

Set some ground rules together

As with any other sugar connection, a workplace sugar arrangement should always start with the setting of some very clear ground rules before it begins in earnest. What does each of you expect out of the relationship? Is it serious, casual, or something in between? What’s the plan for your working relationship if things don’t work out?

There’s always at least some risk involved when you get involved with someone you work with or for. But that risk becomes infinitely more manageable when nothing’s assumed, taken for granted, or simply left up to chance.

Don’t slack at the office

Naturally, it makes sense that you might gain a certain advantage at work if you’re the beloved sugar baby of your boss, a high-ranking colleague, or a star client. But you shouldn’t let it go to your head or let it convince you that your actual performance at the office no longer matters.

Continue to apply yourself and turn in your best work under every circumstance. Not only is this what a sugar baby of integrity would do, but it makes it a lot harder for others in the office to point accusatory fingers in your direction if they do suspect your relationship. Your sugar daddy will also respect you more for not exploiting his generosity and love for you.

Be discreet and sensible

When you’re in an incredible sugar relationship – regardless of how and where it might have started – there’s naturally a part of you that wants to shout it from the rooftops. This is incredibly unwise when you’re in a workplace sugar arrangement, though – even if your generous sugar daddy doesn’t really mind being open.

You don’t necessarily need to deny your relationship if it’s technically not a secret and someone asks about it (unless there’s a good reason to do otherwise). But you do need to be discreet. Don’t actively talk about it, especially on social media or anywhere else the wrong person could stumble upon the information. The private details of your relationship should always stay between you and your sugar daddy.

Ultimately, workplace relationships are going to be complicated any way you look at them. But they don’t have to be the trainwrecks most people automatically assume they are. There are many committed, loving couples out there whose relationships started out as workplace flirtations, and you and your would-be sugar daddy could be among them someday.

But it’s important to approach your relationship with wisdom, discretion, and intelligence. Take your relationship seriously, but take your job seriously, too. Never take anything in particular for granted, and make sure you keep the lines of communication open between you and your sugar daddy. You’ll be glad you did.